Results: Master Prize List

Master Prize List

Tournament Winners: Best In Chess Groups:  
Section 1: Zachary Mankowitz Coach: Ivette Winner: Jakob ( also Simul) 
Section 2: Jakob Landa Coach: Libaski Winner: David Bolshov 
 Section 3: Ezra Landa Coach: Orren Winner: Daniel Paley 
  Coach: Melanie Winner: Jonathan Kaplan 
Survival in a Simul Winners:   Text message contest: Jacob V.  Notation: Amu Bonsu
Jakob Landa( 89 moves total)     
  Themed Practice Game Competition: Isiah Grant, Sharvanya Moola 
Problem Solving:  Andrew Volynsky     
Art Contest: Effort:   
Gabby Grant David Liu   
Best in Sports Groups:    
Age Group: 2002 & older  Winner: Kento Numakura  Relay Race Winning Teams:  
Age Group: 2005 -2006 Winner: Andrew Volynsky (Dodgeball also)  Eye Of The Tiger (over Pretty Pink Unicorns!!!) 
Age Group: 2007-2008 Winner: David Bolshov  (Andrew V., Jakob L., Jacob V., Belka V. )
  Winner: Nathan Neufeld   
Dodgeball Winner: Andrew Volynsky (Hat Trick-catching ball with hat) Soccer: Rafi Kaplan