Results: Master Prize List

Master Prize List

Tournament Winners: Best In Chess Groups:  
Section 1: Matt Centrella Coach: Ivette Winner: Anabelle
Section 2: Alec Wei and Darin Fang Coach: Slava Winner: Yale
  Coach: Chris Winner: Matt
Chess Problem Solving Winner: Taddeo    
Simul Survival Competition Winner: Matt and Moshe Relay Race Winning Team: Clevac (Kevin, Alec, Chad)
  Blitz-Bughouse Tournament:   
Best in Sports Groups:   Blitz Winner: Taddeo
Age Group: 2008 and younger Winner: Kevin  
Age Group: 2005-2007 Winner: Taddeo Miming  Contest Winner: Jacob
Age Group: 2002-2004 Winner: Andrew  
Dodgeball Winner: Chad Yang