Results: Master Prize List

Master Prize List

Tournament Winners:   Best In Chess Groups:  
GM Camp:  Aryeh-Leib, Henry   Coach: Alex Winner:  xxx
Section 2: Qihan, Suran   Coach: Tanya Winner: Suran
Section 3: Alexander , Austin, Bryan   Coach: Chris Winner:  Yun Joe
Section 4: Anton, Kento, Debra   Coach: Ivette   Winner:  Jennifer
Section 5: Steven, Valerie, Evan   Coach: David Winner:  Anthony
    Coach: Alessandro Winner:  Valerie
    Coach: Philip Winner:  Diego
Problem Solving:   Home Work Winner:   Steven -unrated;  Bryan, Jane & Jessica- rated
Winners:  Suran (open); Jerry (u1100); Valerie (unrated)    
    Best Effort: Gregory GM's Bliz:  Aryeh Leib
Survival in a Simul Winners:        
Winners:  Alex, Bryan & Qihan (open); Yun Joe & Kovi (u1100); Steven (unrated) Birth Day Boy: Jonathan
Best in Sports Groups:      
Age Group: 2009 - 2010 Winner:  Quinlan Dodgeball Winner: Jennifer (girl); Anton (boy)
Age Group: 2008  Winner: Bryan    
Age Group: 2006 - 2007 Winner: Aatish Soccer Winner: Alex B, Debra Healthy Lunch:  Debra, Aatish
Age Group: 2004 Winner:  Qihan Basketball Winner: Yun Joe  
Age Group: 2003 - 2004 Winner:  George    
Age Group: 2002 and Older Winner:  Lily and Kento Art Contest Winners:  Debra  
    Music Award: Jonathan   
Relay Race Winning Team:     BugHouse Tournament  
Savage Cabbages: Kovi, Jonathan, Evan, Anthony, Diego   Team 1: Nikita & Sophie; Justin & Lily
    Team 2: George& Jerry; Dennis& Ethan; Jessica& Valerie