Results: Master Prize List

Master Prize List

Tournament Winners:   Best In Chess Groups:  
Master Camp:  Grant   Coach: Sergey Winner:  Malina
Section 2: Avital & Philip   Coach: Hana Winner: Michael P
Section 3: Stefan   Coach: Tanya Winner: Philip
Section 4: Justin, Alexander   Coach: David  Winner:  Aidan
    Coach: Richard Winner: Laurence
Problem Solving: Avital (open); Surbhi (U400);  Coach: Genry Winner: David
Survival in a Simul Winners:  Hunter (open)  Home Work Winner:  Avital & Vedanta
Rainy Day Blitz: Ilya (open); Stefan, Laurence, Surbhi (U400) Best notation: Anika  
  BugHouse Tournament    
Birth Day Boy: Grant Day Camp: The Russian Rammers (Philip, Stefan, Laurence, David/Anabelle)
  Master CampTeam 1: Justin& Daniel  
Best in Sports Groups:      
Age Group: 2009-2010   Winner:  David Dodgeball Winner: Valerie (girl); Grant (boys)
Age Group: 2008 Winner: Alexander    
Age Group: 2006 -2007 Winner: Taddeo Soccer Winner: Philip (boys), Malina (girls)
Age Group: 2005-2006 Winner:  Hunter    
Age Group: 2004 and older Winner:  Sophie Healthy Lunch:  Surbhi  
Best at Math: Vedanta (age 10), Stefan (age 8)