Results: Master Prize List
    Master Prize List  
Tournament Winners:   Best In Chess Groups:  
    GM Camp Winner: Ethan M
GM Camp 1:  Sam   Coach: Tanya Winner: Felix & Angelina
GM Camp 2:  Jonathan P   Coach: Sean Winner: Albert
Section 1: Ilya, Felix, Aaron S   Coach: David Winner: Ariella
Section 2: Albert, Jonathan P   Coach: Genry Winner: Farres
Section 3: Conor, Declan   Coach: Ethan Winner: Eva
Section 4: Eva   Coach: Philip / Ernie Winner: Roy
Problem Solving:  Angelina & Ariella(open); Jade (unrated)   Home Work Winner:   Angelina & Andrew  
Survival in a Simul Winners:   Ilya,Felix,Aaron (open); xxx (unrated)   BugHouse Tournament: Avery & Michael (GM/Master)  
    BugHouse Tournament: Anthony & Roy (Day Camp)  
Best in Sports Groups:      
Age Group: 1 Winner:  Declan Dodgeball Winner: QUINLAN(boys); VALERIE (girls)  
Age Group: 2 Winner:  Ariella    
Age Group: 3 Winner: Quinlan Soccer Winner: FELIX  
Age Group: 4 Winner:  Felix    
Age Group: 5 Winner:  Connor BirthDay Girl: Eva  
Age Group: 6 Winner:  Farres    
Most Organized: Valerie, Angelina and Andrew   Art Contest Winners: Anthony, Jonathan Pe  
    Healthy Lunch:  Moon and Dyadyuk