Results: Master Prize List

Master Prize List

Tournament Winners: Best In Chess Groups:    
Section 1: Canet, Miguel Angel Coach: Slava Winner: Sophia  
Section 2: Landa, Jakob Coach: Ivette Winner: Kai  
Section 3: Chen, Lucas Coach: Justin Winner: Gabriel Kim  
Section 4: Mok, Lawrence Coach: Alessandro Winner: Thomas  
Section 5: Weichsel, Thomas Coach: Sean Winner: Kevin  
  Coach: Gregory Winner: Miguel  
Problem Solving:  Best Notation:  Blitz-Bughouse: Simul:
Bentley Gabriel Kaim and Christopher  Miguel, Anahit, Kai, and Bently Kevin and Kai
    Cat on the Rug (El gato en la alfombra)
Best in Sports Groups:   Relay Race Winning Team:    
Age Group: 2011-2013 Winner: Raymond Gabriel Kaim, Kevin, Andrew, Bentley, Lawrence, Anahit
Age Group: 2010 Winner: Gabriel Kim    
Age Group: 2009 Winner: Sophia    
Age Group: 2007-2008 Winner: Kevin    
Age Group: 2007 Winner: Charles    
Age Group: 2001-2006 Winner: Kento N    
Dodgeball Winner:  Basketball:  Art:  
Charles Kento N Raymond