Senior Coach - Max Schwartz
Posted: 6/22/2009 | Updated: 8/26/2009

Beginner/Intermediate Coach Max Schwartz

Max began his career with the ICA as a student, and after three years of distinguished work started teaching in 2003. During that time he trained with Artur Yusupov, Alex Chernin and Mark Dvoretsky. One of his most recent distinguished accomplishments is a first place tie with fellow coach Hana Itkis in the 2008 Continental Open held in Sturbridge, MA.

A recent graduate of Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Max brings to the ICA family of instructors a well rounded approach to his instruction, and has the ability to help students develop a mastery of the “inner game of chess”-the ability to visualize mentally and see positions two and three moves in advance of his opponents.

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