IM Mark Dvoretsky
Posted: 10/17/2004  | Updated: 10/17/2004
Is arguably the single best chess trainer/coach in the entire world (an argument you would probably win at that). Dvoretsky has been an International Master for well over 25 years (29 in fact, but next year we can just say 30;), and included among his many accomplishments, are the preparation and development of world famous Grand-Masters, such as, Artur Yusupov (read further down about Artur), Sergei Dolmatov, Alexei Dreev, Andrey Zvyagintsev, and Victor Bologan, as well as assisting in the preparation of such chess superstars as Garry Kasparov, Vishy Anand.

Mark has also authored, and co-authored a number of quality chess books such as "Secrets of Chess Training (which also won the British Chess Federation Book of the Year Award in 1991)," "Training for the Tournament Player," and "Secrets of Chess Tactics"(there is a lot more but unfortunately bandwith is limited ;), which have been used with success pretty much anywhere chess is seriously played. His books serve as the teaching cornerstones in chess courses around the world. Read him to sharpen your analytical skill, read him for enjoyment. But make sure you don't miss what he has to say'
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