GM Alex Chernin
Posted: 10/17/2004 | Updated: 6/14/2009

Currently Based out of Hungary, Alex "Sasha" Chernin is a former candidate to the title of world champion, as well as former Soviet co-champion. Chernin has also authored a number of best selling books, the most famous of which is the "Pirc Alert!"


Conceptually, Chernin is hailed as a master of the Chess Opening, a tribute to his "ability to prepare players to play an opening using “ideas rather than memorized lines” ( columnist Carsten Hansen)." Chernin's talent as a trainer is all the more amazing because of his ability to perceive the general trends in chess culture, and to train his students to master such future obstacles. In other words, "Chernin gives you theory as it will be in 10 years!” (GM Alex Beliavsky)."



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