Beginner and Intermediate Coach - Slava Koza
Posted: 10/17/2004 | Updated: 8/27/2009

 Slava Koza  Beginner/Intermediate Coach 

Slava has been teaching chess for roughly a decade, which is an intriguing feat given that he is only twenty-five years old. His knowledge of chess is based on both the tutelage of the ICA's founders, as well as informal games with his grandfather.  It was the latter who taught him that chess isn't just about taking pieces, but is based on a well conceived and executed plan.
Though Slava doesn't play competitively, he possesses a deep understanding of the psychological thought process that students need to form to become successful players. Many adult instructors do not take into account that children have not yet learned to focus and concentrate on the game. Failure to take this into account makes teaching them that much more difficult. As Slava considers this concept, he takes into account many factors about a given child; age, life experience, enthusiasm, and personality. This concept leads to a solid approach for improvement in areas of weakness that will lead to a more successful and rewarding chess experience for ICA students.
Slava also has a bachelor's degree in business.  He graduated top five in his class from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Hackensack, New Jersey.  He has also worked extensively as a boxing journalist making, contributions to print, internet, and video mediums. He is fluent in Russian, and English.  


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