NJ State Grade Championship 11/19/2006
Posted: 11/22/2006

Over Three Hundred kids participated in
NJ State Grade championship this Sunday - 20 of them from ICA!

The ICA studentís individual results
(there were 10 places awards in each grade Ė we are only listing kids who got in top 10!):

12th grade Johnny Belkin  1st place

11th grade Jeremy Karlson  1st place

9th grade Dennis London  4th place (tied for 1st!)

9th grade Robert Rozenvasser  5th place

7th grade Eugene Froimchuk  8th place

6th grade Benjamin Koslowe  4th place (tied for 2nd)

4th grade Jeffrey Wu   3rd place

4th grade Gregory Gabovich  4th place (tied for 3rd)

4th grade Yechezkec Goldman 5th place (tied for 3rd)

4th grade Ilya Leifer   7th place (tied for 3rd)

2nd grade    Cristopher Wu    1st place

2nd grade Hillel Koslowe  4th place (tied for 2nd)

2nd grade Yehuda Koslowe  7th place (tied for 2nd)

2nd grade Lev Krasnovsky  11th place (tied for 9th)

2nd grade Mark Abramowitz  18th place (tied for 9th)

1st grade Sammy Forman  9th place

K  Ryan Hoang   2nd place

ICA studentís team results:

2nd Grade Moriah Academy 2nd place (tied for 1st with Princeton Day School with 4 players!)

            Hillel Koslowe

            Yehuda Koslowe

            Mark Abramowitz