2009 NJ State Grade Championship 11/23/2008
Posted: 12/27/2008 | Updated: 12/27/2008

2009 NJ State Grade Championship 11/23/2008

Three Hundred Ninety Five kids participated in NJ State Grade championship this Sunday - 34 of them from ICA!


The ICA student’s individual results (there were 10 places awards in each grade – we are only listing kids who got in top 10!):

10th grade Dov, Hochszenstein  1st place

10th grade     Yakir Forman                       5th place

9th grade        Eve Litvak                            2nd place

9th grade        Max Yelsky                           3rd place

9th grade        Ilya Krasnovsky                  10th place

7th grade        Sebastian Spitz                   3rd place

6th grade    Alexander Katz          1st place

6th grade        Gilad Drillich                        8th place

6th grade        Gregory Gabovich             9th place

5th grade        Eric Kong                             6th place

5th grade        Nicholas Katz                      7th place

4th grade        Yehuda Koslowe                4th place

4th grade        Hillel Koslowe                     5th place

4th grade        Mark Abramovitz                10th place

3rd grade       Michael Aksen                     5th place

3rd grade       Daniel Nuzhny                    10th place

2ndgrade        Ryan Hoang                        4th place



ICA student’s team results:

9th Grade Bergen County Academies 1st place

                   Max Yelsky

                        Eve Litvak

                        Ilya Krasnovsky


4th Grade   Moriah Academy        1st place (4!!! points ahead of 2nd place)

                        Hillel Koslowe

                        Yehuda Koslowe

                        Mark Abramowitz

                        Daniel Zolty