ICA Student Body Invades New Jersey State Grade Championships!
Posted: 12/15/2009

ICA Student Body Invades New Jersey State Grade Championships!


As is always the case, many ICA students attended this past New Jersey State championship and as always did the school proud by notching up quite decent results in each grade section. 


First up, we had Joshua Lerman, a first grader, score three points out of a total five.  His losses came to the first, and second place finishers, and that was enough to earn him sixth place overall.

Second graders Liyan Cheung, and Lilla Cabrera scored three out of five as well, while Zachary Mankowitz scored two points out of a total five.  Forty-One kids competed in the second grade section.


Third grader Ryan Hoang, and his trusty “wooks” (i.e. rooks. Ask Max Schwartz what that means) notched up  a total four out of five points, and took co-third place, along with Clement Shao, who also had four out of five.  Both Ryan, and Clement only lost to the eventual first place finisher.  There were a total of fifty kids in the third grade section.


Fourth grader Connor Cabrera scored a total three out of five and took thirteenth place out of a total thirty-three kids competing.


Fifth grader, Yehuda Koslowe, scored four out of five to tie for second place, while his twin brother Hillel scored three out of five.  Mark Abramowitz scored three, Kaida Tong scored two and a half, while Lev Krasnovsky, and Benjamin Mankowitz scored two out of five.  Shia Cheung scored one and a half points total.  Forty-four kids competed in the fifth grade section.


Sixth grader Christopher Shao got three and a half points to secure sixth place. Eric Kong got three points, while AJ Dennis got two.   Twenty-nine people competed in the sixth grade section.


Eighth grader,”Gorton’s Pride Sea-bass” Sebastian Spitz scored three and a half points to end up in third place.


Ninth graders Kenny “Kasparov Jr.” Geiler scored three points to end up fifth, while Elliot “setting the” Barinberg got three points to end up in ninth place overall.


We did not have any kids competing in the kindergarten, or seventh grade sections.

The full results can be viewed here:



Congratulations to everybody.