Bergen Academy At HS Nationals 2010
Posted: 5/17/2010 | Photo



With a total of nineteen points, Bergen Academies high school took a well deserved sixth place at these past national high school team championships.  The team, mostly comprised of students who also all study, or coach at the International Chess academy, played exceptionally strong, and was only half a point shy of second place which was shared by a four team pack headed by tie-break winner, and the official second placing Stuyvesant High School.  Hunter College High School won with a total of twenty one points.

The team was lead by strong performances from Johnson Pau, and Max Yelsky, who both scored five points each to tie for mutual fifteenth place.  Eve Litvak, and Austin “Bishop Bang” Wang, the only member of the team not associated with the ICA, chipped in four-and-a-half points each, while David Shekhtman, a terrific up-and-coming ICA trainer, added four points as well.  Jayenth Mayur contributed three-and-a-half, while his brother Arjun Mayer, like Mark Aksen added three, with Ilya Krasnovsky closing out the totals with two points.   Only the top four individual results were considered for the overall total.

As an aside, that traitorous Ben Wolfson, an ICA coach/student at the ICA as well, didn’t show up for class last Wednesday leaving us shorthanded at the school.  Random as that is, he was also at this tournament above, but only as part of the winning Hunter College team, for which he scored three-and-a-half points  (though I don’t believe this was one of their four best individual results).

Congratulations to all our ICA staff/students.



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