ICA-BCA Team Gets High…
Posted: 5/17/2010

ICA-BCA Team Gets High…Off Of A Euphoric First Place Finish At New Jersey State High School Team Championship! Shusterman Shuts Out Competition In New Jersey Open (U1600)!

Apologies for the “drug” reference, but the natural high of total victory is what the ICA trained Bergen Academies team experienced at the past New Jersey High School Team Championship.  David Shekhtman, went a perfect five for five points on board five, while Max Yelsky chipped in  four-and-a-half on board three,  to give our team the victory.  The team consisted of Johnson Pau, Eve Litvak, Max Yelsky, Austin Wang, and David Shekhtman.

Results in the individual sections were: William Chen with a second place finish in the High School Booster section (four-and-a-half out of five points), Sebastian Spitz in third (with four out of five), and David Rubenfeld in fourth (with four out of five points). 


In other news Ari Shusterman, who has on occasion experienced memory lapses in regards to shoe tying, had no issues with remembering how to play chess really really well.   In fact, his memory served him so well that he came through with a first place finish at the recent New Jersey Open Championship (U1600 rating). 


Congratulations to all our students for the results.