Dr. Ostfeld Would Be Proud…
Posted: 3/23/2011

Dr. Ostfeld Would Be Proud…ICA Affiliated Bergen Academies Destroy All Competition At NJ State High School Championships!


Though he didn’t live to see it, Dr. Ostfeld’s dream of complete dominance at these past NJ State High School Championships came true this year.  Both Bergen Academies teams, (7 of which are ICA students), took first and second places in a very tough competition. 

Team one, comprised of older students who, save for Austin Wang, have all started coaching at the school, took first place, in part due to an especially impressive individual performance by David “Darth” Shekhtman who won every single one of his five games on board four.  The other members of the team were Max “Husband” Yelsky, Eve “Wife” Litvak, the already above mentioned Austin Wang, and David Shekhtman, as well as “big” Ilya Krasnovsky.

Team two, which took second place, included Ari Shusterman, brothers Arjun, and Jayenth Mayur, Mark Aksen, Steven Knauer, and alternate Alfred Tan.


In the younger New Jersey State Junior High School championships, “small” Lev Krasnovsky scored four-and-a-half points out of five (after an undeserved half point bye for a tournament director error that put him in the wrong section for round one. Lev won that game as well.)  to take fourth place and gain ninety-one points towards his rating.  Eric Kong, tied for fifth place with a total four out of five points and just one loss to the eventual second place winner.


Congratulations to all our students and there is no question Dr. Ostfeld would be proud.