NJ State Elementary And Primary Championships:
Posted: 3/24/2011

NJ State Elementary And Primary Championships: 
Lerman, Pasarkar Take Eighth, Hoang Takes Sixth!


At these past New Jersey Elementary and Primary School Championships, held on the 27th of February, a small contingent of ICA students made appearances and performed up to par with a few trophy winners among them .

Josh Lerman scored four points by achieving three wins and two draws to gain an eighth place (tied for 4th!) trophy in the primary grade section (98 competitors). 

Ryan Hoang scored four wins and suffered only one loss to take home sixth place in the elementary section.  Amey Pasarkar scored four wins while suffering only one loss to take an eighth place trophy in the elementary section. Both Amey and Ryan tied for 3rd place!

Finally, Phillip Lee got third place for his grade.

Ten ICA kids participated at the tournament and we congratulate them on the attempt.