2008 ICA Advanced Chess Camp Week 1 Report (6/30–7/4)
Posted: 7/20/2008 | Updated: 7/25/2008
Advanced Chess Camp Week 1 Report (6/30–7/4):
In the Soviet Union, the equivalent to America’s Santa Clause, “Grampa Frost” was seen as a none-denominational, and none-religious character along with the equally religious-free symbol the “New Year’s Tree”. Though the history of the character can be traced back to Slavic Pagan traditions, any relationship to any single religion was made irrelevant on December 28th 1935, thanks to a politician’s letter published in the “Pravda” newspaper. Initially banned from display in the Soviet Union for being too bourgeois, the tree, and thereby “Grampa,” were resurrected as symbols of secular happiness on that date, and in that year, thanks to words, “It’s great fun for the kids…so let’s organize a joyous greeting of the New Year for our children,” written in the aforementioned letter, by Soviet politician, one Pavel Postyshev. 
Of course any sane person will tell you children are children anywhere, and everywhere, here, or there, but most importantly all year long. Perhaps a single day of New Year’s joy isn’t enough? What child wouldn’t want eternal happiness, from a bearded source that comes not in the middle of a school year, but rather when school is out and your sons, and daughters are seriously free and happy?
In America, there is a saying that declares, “Santa comes but once a year,” that we at the ICA have been disproving for many summers on end. We have been doing it because of people like “King” Arthur Jussupow, who, coincidentally, and bringing this thing full circle, carries a striking resemblance to the powerful, and uncanny New Year’s creature in a red suit, and a giant bag over one shoulder, that reappeared during the last day of 1935, and the first day of 1936. 
However, while Gramps brought material things to socialist generations, Arthur doesn’t bother bringing toy fire trucks, Nintendo Playstations, or Sony DS’s. Heck, he doesn’t even have a giant bag, or red gimmick suit as far as we know.
No, he in fact brings the best, and most valuable kind of gift. It lasts forever, and continues to benefit the beneficiary even when they stop realizing it. That gift is knowledge, and you can bet your bottom dollar, Arthur carries it in abundance, and is willing to share just like any novel, and mythical children’s hero.
With that being said, here is the breakdown of 2008’s week one from the ICA’s advanced camp in Fair Lawn:
Kids Attending:
Group 1
Daniel Gurevich  - ranked # 6 Top Age 10
Kevin Rosenberg – ranked # 13 Top Age 11
Andrew Ding – ranked # 14 Top Age 10
Christopher Wu – ranked # 4 Top Age 9
Danny Angermeier – ranked # 4 Top Age 8
Gregory Gabovich – tied for 3rd place in US 2008 K-5 Championship
Jacob Berman – ranked # 33 Top Age 9
Group 2
Mathiew Polin (from Canada)
Coaches: GM “Sizzling” Sasha Chernin, GM “King” Arthur Jussupow, IM Sergei Grabuzov (only for sports), and GM Tanya Grabuzova (only for sports)
Highlights include a smashing draw between Sergei’s and Arthur’s teams in Soccer. Monday’s and Tuesday’s games both ended in a 2-2 draw, while Sergei’s team won 2-1 on Wednesday, and Arthur’s team pitched a 3-0 shut out on Thursday. Week 1 ICA Photo Gallery
Stay tuned for more from the advanced camp.