2008 ICA Advanced Chess Camp Week 2
Posted: 7/29/2008
Advanced Chess Camp Week 2 report
Two groups of students in the second week got the unique opportunity to share world-class trainers. First three days advanced group was working on positional play and calculations with Arthur Jussupow, and last two days they learned about prophylactic thinking from Alexander Chernin. Second group were discussing problems of attack with Alexander and switched to discussions about the role of the center with Arthur.
The soccer competition was very tough (as usual), starting with two draws: 2:2 (on Monday & Tuesday). On 3rd day Sergey’s team used the absence of team manager (Diana Tulman) and hit Arthur’s team with 3:2! But Artur’s team was able to hit right back on the next day with surprising tactic: they put two girls in the attack: Hana and Anna, and the girls scored!!! Sergey’s team was only able to deliver one goal and therefore Arthur’s team by winning this match 2:1 was able to equalize the week score – DRAW again!
Kids Attending:
Group 1
Andrew Shvartsman  - ranked # 15 Top Age 14
Daniel Gurevichranked # 3 Top Age 10
Anna Matlinranked # 1 Top Girls Under 13
Max Yelsky – ranked # 35 Top Age 13
Eve Litvak – ranked # 6 Top Girls Under 16
Group 2
Stay tuned for more from the advanced camp.