2008 ICA Advanced Chess Camp Week 3 Report
Posted: 8/2/2008 | Updated: 8/2/2008
2008 ICA Advanced Chess Camp Week 3 report
This was probably the most difficult week, since the subject – Rook Endings – is very demanding. The theory was covered in the morning lessons (9:30 – 12:30), while the afternoon session (2 – 4) was devoted to playing exercises. Usually it was a team competition, where Max Yelsky’s team was fighting against Eve Litvak’s team. Thanks to team results Max was able to overcome Eve in individual week’s challenge. 
Although Max and Eve were ‘favorites’ in all of our chess competitions and got 1st and 2nd respectively in overall week 3 competition, on some days they were strongly challenged by: Alexander Hu (who won 2nd day) and Jacob Berman (who won 5th day). Some other students had their moments of glory  too: ‘Big’ Will (William Fisher) won a tactical competition on day 4, Gregory Gabovich was leading in the 1st half of the last day, Ilya Krasnovsky won the morning competition on day 3, ‘little’ Will (William Graif) was able to get a winning points (5) for his team in team competition on day 4!
Every night we continued fighting on the soccer field. All the games finished as draws. Sergey’s team was pushing but each time Artur’s team was able to even the score. We have to admit that this was a week of the goalkeepers: Eve Litvak and Dima Krasnovsky (Ilya’s father), who were there best players.
Kids Attending:
Max Yelsky – ranked # 35 US Top Age 13
Eve Litvak – ranked # 6 US Top Girls Under 16
William Graif - ranked # 5 US Top Age 8
Alexander Hu – ranked # 59 US Top Age 13
William Fisher – ranked # 83 US Top Age 14
Ilya Krasnovsky – ranked # 91 US Top Age 14
Jacob Berman – ranked # 26 US Top Age 9
Both Eve & William Graif qualified to represent Eve – US; William – Canada -  in World Youth Championship this Fall in Vietnam
Stay tuned for more from the advanced camp.