2008 ICA Chess Camp Week 5 Report (7/28 8/1)
Posted: 8/9/2008

2008 ICA Chess Camp Week 5 Report (7/28 – 8/1):


We had seven new students this week, but new kids were able to adopt quickly, since all of them new how to play chess.


Main tournament.

David Shekhtman and Eyal Koren being the oldest students were as well the strongest, and therefore Sergey decided to have them play each other a match. Even though Eyal decisively won with 2.5 over 0.5, it does not mean that he was dominating. In the contrary, David was winning in all of his game, but his usual ‘habit’ of getting in time trouble made him loose.  Hopefully David will learn how to manage his time better in the future tournaments.

There were eight students in section 2. Yehuda Koslowe once again won the tournament with strong 8.5 out of 10 (same score as in week #4!) . This week Yehuda won all of the competitions in which he participated. He tried very hard, was extremely focused and the result came! Sebastian Spitz was second with 6 points out of 10 and Hillel Koslowe was third with 5.5 points. Hooray to Eric Kong, who played very well in his 2nd ever rated tournament, scored 4 points and brought his rating up by 300 points!

Nineteen students played in section 3 (un-rated event). Benjamin Mankowitz (another Hero of week #5, who on top of winning section three, won some other competitions!) dominated in this section and got 1st place with 8.5 points out of 10. David Fikhman was second with 7.5 points and Lorent Taylor third with 7 points.


Weekly Blitz tournament took place on Friday. There were three sections, each tournament consisted in 5 rounds.

Same Yehuda Koslowe won section one with perfect score. Second was Hillel Koslowe, third Nicholas Katz

6 years old Liyan Cheung won section three for the third time! Once again Liyan won all of his games, in spite of the fact that this week in his section were some very experienced players like Yuri Lemin, Idan Glickman, Zachary Lyandres, and Ohm Nabar. Toughest competition took place in section two. Liyan’s older sister Shia Cheung with some luck (do not forget that luck is usually helps the strongest!) won the section with 6 points.


 Best Students (each coach selects his best student of the week based on 2 hours daily chess classes)


David ShekhtmanSergey Grabuzov class

Yehuda Koslowe (again!) – Tatiana Grabuzov class

Eric KongHana Itkis class

Ben MankowitzSolomon Lerner class

Shia CheungGenry Krichevsky class

Zacahry MankowitzSlava Koza class


Problem solving competition under Tatiana Grabuzova supervision again gathered this week TEN students! Guess who was the best – Yehuda Koslowe (again!) with 44 points. Second was Amanda Arvin with 18 points and Third Zachary Lyandres with 16 points. We would like to mention and say ‘bravo’ to all of the participants who tried and therefore improved their game: Connor, Nicholas, Eric, Idan, Zachary M., Gilad, and Liyan!




Results of sport ‘Olympiad’ that takes place every morning Monday through Thursday. Winners by age group:

2001 – 1st place Zachary Lyandres

1998 – 2000 – 1st place Benjamin Mankowitz

1996 – 1997 – 1st place David Fefer

1993 – 1995 – 1st place David Shekhtman


The one and only Yehuda Koslowe won (again) Basketball – under Solomon Lerner supervision. Lorent Taylor won Dodge Ball tournament (under Slava Koza supervision).


On Friday, Hana’s team (Gilad, Nicholas, Connor, Joshua, and Andrella) won Relay Races


Other popular sports this week were soccer & volleyball.  


Connor Cabrera won Best Picture competition.


During the award ceremony medals, trophies, prizes (books, games, sports goods, etc) were given not only to all of the mentioned above students who won their competition, but also to some other students who did not win, but participated and tried really hard and therefore were distinguished by coaches and awarded. So if you did not get anything yet – please remember to make an extra effort next week and it will pay!