2008 ICA Chess Camp Week 6 Report (8/4 8/8)
Posted: 8/22/2008
2008 ICA Chess Camp Week 6 Report (8/4 – 8/8):
Thirty Three students attended week 6.
Main tournament.
Two strongest (by rating & experience) students Alexander Katz and David Shekhtman participated in training matches with coaches (Max Schwartz & Max Yelsky).
Six students participated in Section 2 (USCF rated). Hillel Koslowe was rated #5 in this tournament, but he tried very hard and won the tournament with 7.5 points out of 10 (1.5 points ahead of 2nd place)
Sixteen students competed in Section 3. New (for chess camp) student – Amol Pasarkar went ahead of some camp ‘veterans’: Benjamin Mankowitz & Liyan Cheung, and won 1st place with 8 points. Some other new students: Sindu Shanmugadas, Zachary Stier and Madeline Tsang also played very well and each score 6 points each.
Nine students played in Section 4 – “beginners” section. Amey Pasarkar & Yuri Lemin looked much stronger than everyone else. They draw each other in the last round and tied for the first place!
Weekly Blitz tournament took place on Friday in four sections.
To make it more challenging, some of the coaches participated in main section. Max Schwartz won all his games and got the 1st place.
Shivani Shanmugadas - the only girl in the section - scored 6 points and won section 2 (8 players).
Joshua Katz and Idan Glickman were absolutely the best in section 3 (13 players). They only lost half a point each and tied for the 1st place
Amey Pasarkar and Phillip Lee also tied for the 1st place in section 4 (8 players)
Wonderful surprise for the camp administration was number of participants in “problem solving competition” – 17 students! A little over than half of the camp. Nicholas Katz prevailed – he got 36 points (20 points ahead of the 2nd place) and won 1st prize
Results of sport ‘Olympiad’ that takes place every afternoon, Monday through Thursday. Winners by age group:
2001 – 1st place Phillip Lee
2000 – 1st place Douglas Tsang
1999 – 1st place Shawn McDonald
1998 – 1st place Jay Arora
1997 – 1st place Alec Weisbrot
1993 – 1996 – 1st place David Shekhtman
The art competition uncovered some great talents. Shivani’s picture got 1st place, and her sister Sindu’s picture got 2nd.