2008 ICA Chess Camp Week 7 Report (8/11 – 8/15)
Posted: 8/22/2008 | Updated: 8/22/2008
2008 ICA Chess Camp Week 7 Report (8/11 – 8/15):
We had established a new ‘Olympic’ record this week – 38 students! Both buildings were used to full capacity. Among other news: ICA students, David Shekhtman & Max Yelsky debut as coaches (both did great!). We also had the youngest student in the history of ICA camps – Adin Fox, who just turned 5! Zoya Koza was working with Adin and other young students. Zoya is licensed teacher and has a lot of experience working with kids.
Weather was nice and we were able to complete all sport events. Only on Monday due to the rain, we held sport trivia devoted to Olympic Games. Instead of playing sports, students were forced to answer questions related to the sports. The competition was in two age group. Daniel Nuzhny won 1st place in group U10 years old, and Elliott Barinberg won 1st place in the older group.
More and more kids are starting to play Volleyball. This week we were practicing and will include Volleyball as the number of our regular competitions for next week. The most active Volleyball players: Ben Mankowitz, Yuri Lemin, Amanda Arvin, Hallie Ryan and Benjamin Sterling
Soccer was also among favorite sports. Best soccer players: Benjamin Ryan and Daniel Nuzhny.
As always Basketball competition took place under Solomon Lerner supervision. Ethan Klein was the best basketball player this week.
Results of sport ‘Olympiad’ that takes place every afternoon, Monday through Thursday. Winners by age group:
2002 – 1st place Idan Glickman
2001 – 1st place Derek Zhou
2000 – 1st place Shamma Fox
1999 – 1st place Benjamin Ryan
1998 – 1st place Lorent Taylor
1997 – 1st place Alec Weisbrot
1995 – 1996 – 1st place Elliott Barinberg
This week the tournament was in five sections.
Section 1 was USCF rated event and gathered 6 players. The tournament was very even and there was no dominating leader. Only on Friday Yehuda Koslowe (highest rating) was able to grab 1st place (ahead by .5 point from 2nd place winner  – Alec Weisbrot). Two new (for chess camp) students – Ethan Klein and Ari Shusterman showed very mature game and brought the tournament to the higher level.
Section 2 gathered 12 students. The competition was very strong and as in the 1st section the winner was decided on the last day in the last game of the tournament. Edward Musheyev scored 8 out of 10 and secured 1st place (ahead by .5 point from 2nd place winner – David Fikhman). Amanda Arvin and Zachary Stier showed very good play in this tournament.
Benjamin Mankovitz was the best in Section 3 (6 participants). Mathew Barinberg dominated in Section 4. (8 participants). He won 1st place with 7 points. Shamma Fox won Section 5 (6 youngest players!)
Weekly Blitz tournament took place on Friday. The winners:
Section 1 – Yehuda Koslowe
Section 2 – Elliott Barinberg
Section 3 – Christian Lee
Section 4 – Mathew Barinberg
Very tough fight took place in Problem solving competition. Musheyev went ahead of Elliott Barinberg by 1 (!) point! On the last day (and on the last minute!) Edward Musheyev went ahead of Elliott Barinberg by 1 (!) point!
There were some very interesting pictures in Best Picture competition. I (Diana) personally thought that Ari Shusterman application of chessboard deserved 1st place. However, according to votes – 1st place went to Zachary Stier and Hallie Ryan.
Overall this week proved to be very successful for Yehuda Koslowe, Edward Musheyev and ‘brothers Barinberg’