2008 ICA Chess Camp Week 8 Report (8/18 8/22)
Posted: 8/26/2008

2008 ICA Chess Camp Week 8 Report (8/18 – 8/22):


Summer is almost over and so is the summer chess camp – just one more week to go. Week 8 was the last week in chess camp for Benjamin and Zachary Mankowitz, and for Yehuda and Hillel Koslowe. Ben and Zach attended all eight (!) weeks, and Yehuda & Hillel attended 5 out of 8 weeks. All of those kids showed great progress at chess – we hope they can continue with classes during the school year.


Main Tournament.


There were only 3 sections in the main tournament this week. Section 1 (USCF rated event) gathered 5 students. The free participant played a training game with one of the coaches. The fight was very intense but by the end the strongest (by rating) – Yehuda Koslowe – showed his class and won the tournament with 6 out of 8 points.

Section 2 gathered 12 contestants. Competition did not appear to be very intense – Alan Liu won 9 out of 10 points and got 1st place (2.5 points ahead of Eric Kong who won 2nd place)

Section 3 attracted 13 students. Natsasia Klevak  was the best and won 1st place with 7.5 points.


Weekly Blitz tournament took place on Friday in 4 sections. The winners:

In Section 1 two coaches participated together with 4 students. Eve Litvak won 4 games out of 5, but that result did not count for prize distribution, “real” 1st place went to Yehuda Koslowe who scored 3.5 points out of 5

In Section 2 Alan Liu and Christian Lee tied for 1st place with 4.5 points.

In Section 3 Chris Jameson went undefeated and won 1st place with 5 points out of 5!

Section 4 was for youngest and new to chess campers. Daniel Suh lost only .5 and won 1st place


Problem solving competition.   

Christian Lee won this competition. According to this result, his result in blitz tournament and the fact that Solomon Lerner (Camp Instructor) named him the best student (in his group), we can say that Christian game reached new level!


Best Students (each coach selects his best student of the week based on 2 hours daily chess classes)


Yehuda Koslowe – Sergey Grabuzov class

Eric Kong – Hana Itkis class

Christian Lee – Solomon Lerner class

Shane Fedorov – Slava Koza class

Jiho Chun – Zoya Koza class


Sport ‘Olympiad’ that takes place every afternoon, Monday through Thursday.


Inspired by Olympic Games, Sergey decided to add (to his group!) ‘High jump’ to the number of contents. Amanda Arvin flew high and won this new event as well as 1st place in her age group


Winners by age group:


2002 - 2001 – 1st place Jonathan Angbaro

2000 – 1st place Ansh Tandon

1999 – 1st place Sammy Forman

1998 – 1st place Amanda Arvin

1995 – 1997 – 1st place Alec Weisbrot


Alan Liu won Dodge Ball competition.

Alec Weisbort won Basketball tournament

Benjamin Mankowitz won the 1st place in Volleyball competition (new this year)


Relay Races took place on Friday between 5 teams (each team consisted of 6 people). Hana Itkis’s team (Ari, Amanda, Kenneth, Alan, Yehuda, and Zachy) came in 1st place. Each team member received a special prize


And last - Best Picture competition – 1st place went to Amanda Arvin


On Friday traditional award ceremony, many other kids received awards – according to Olympic Spirit: try hard and even if you do not win, you will be rewarded!