2009 ICA Summer Camp Week 2 The “Kings” Emerge!!
Posted: 7/12/2009 | Updated: 7/21/2009 | Photo

ICA Summer Camp Week 2

The “Kings” Emerge!!

Week 2 will be hard to beat this summer with 36 campers!! We saw great improvement in all our students. They applied themselves with extra zeal, with some of our younger campers eagerly playing as many as 3 to 4 tournament games each day! The dodge ball competition was as furious as always and greatly enjoyed by both campers and staff members. It is always very rewarding for all of us to see a student master a new technique or learn a new opening. It’s also a great pleasure to see campers who are nervous and shy on the first day open up, and to see their true personalities as they become members of the ICA camper family. We look forward to seeing them in the future, and hope that if you have note yet decided, you will consider joining us again this summer.

Tournament Results

Open Section (USCF Rated)
In this week’s main tournament, David Shekhtman narrowly defeated Sebastian Spitz to take 1st Place in the Open Section. The competition was fierce-only Sebastian’s last round loss to David prevented him from talking home the prize.

Section 1 (USCF Rated)
Benjamin Mankowitz
sailed to an easy victory in Section 1 with a 1.5 lead over 2nd place winner Rachel Boutom. Benjamin was undefeated!!

Section 2
Top honors in Section 2 were shared by Preston Wang and Alan Liu, both with 6 points. An early round loss to Preston was offset by some very fine late round victories which led to the tie.

Section 3
(“Sasha”) “The Great” Modlin narrowly defeated Nastasia Klevak, a late entry into this week’s tournament. All the players in this round performed well, playing more games than they were accustomed to, but they all rose to the challenge!!

Section 4

With only two defeats out of 10 games, ICA Summer Camp 2009 newcomer Keith Rocco soundly defeated his opponents in Section 4. We expect great things from Keith in the future!!

 Friday Blitz Tournament

Blitz tournament winners this week were:
Section 1: David Shektman
Section 2: Edward Musheyev
Section 3: Sasha Modlin
Section 4: Mathew Barinberg
Section 5: Bertina Kudrin

All played with lightning quickness and a sure instinct for the “killer” move!!

 Best In Class

Each coach chooses the best student in their class for this honor. The criteria include problem solving ability, improvement, behavior, and general participation and attitude during the week.


Coach                                Student

Sergey Grubazov               Sebastian Spitz

Hana Itkis                            Edward Musheyev

Max Schwartz                     Zachary Lyandres

Danny Rade                       Cameron Wu

Solomon Lerner                 Sasha Modlin

Genry Krichevsky               Ellena Modlin

Slava Koza                         Tim Kouzmenkov

Lawrence Constance        Jonathan Marbe

Puzzle Solving Contest

 Gilad Drillich was the top point winner in this week’s puzzle solving contest, delving his way through some very difficult problems, seemingly unsolvable by his peers!!

 Art Contest

Bertina Kudrin again amazed and dazzled us with her artistic prowess with her splendid entrance. Don’t forget to frame it for your parents Bertina!!!


 Overall Sports Winners By Age Group

2003                      Akiva Kroll

2002                      Malina Pavlova

2001                      Reid Slott

2000                      Tim Kouzmenkov

1999                      Preston Wang

1994-1998             Jayenth Mayur         

Dodge Ball

“the Terrible” Drillich was unseated as champion this week by Alan “the Master” Liu, displaying unmatched aim and cat-like reflexes!! Will he be back to defend his crown? Stay tuned to this channel……..


Idan “the Man” Glickman wound his way around all obstacles to come to the front of the line in this week’s soccer competition, displaying superior soccer skills to the amazement of onlookers!
Relay Races

Displaying great team cooperation, this week’s relay races were won by the team of Arjun Mayur, Gilad Drillich, Zachary Mankowitz, Jeremy Stein, Preston Wang and Akiva Kroll. We all wonder what kind of a chess team they might make!!???

Thanks again to all our parents and campers for such a great and productive week. We look forward to seeing you all again soon, either at another week at camp, at one of our evening classes in Teaneck or Fair Lawn, or over the chess board!!!