2009 ICA Summer Camp Week 3
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ICA Summer Camp Week 3


The buzz about the success of last week’s camp must have traveled, because this week’s campers seemed to be determined to beat the results of last week, and they may have succeeded. There were many close games in the tournaments and many ties in the sports events. We continue to see excellent growth in both the campers who are with us for only a week, but even more improvement is evident in our multi-week campers. We hope to see you all back for more fun!!! Will you be the best camper this year??? Stay tuned…….


Tournament Results



Section 1                              (USCF Rated results)

Arjun Mayur and brother Jayenth Mayur tied for first place. Is it possible that neither one wanted to “best” his brother? We will have to keep a close eye next week to find out who is really the best!


Section 2                              (USCF Rated Results)

Kenneth Geiler  won this section! Gilad Drillich was on his heels during the whole tournament and only on the last day Kenny secured 1st place by winning his last two games, when Gilad won one and lost one.


Section 3                              (USCF Rated Results)

Joshua Katz, our walking “encyclopedia of chess openings” pulled a few tricks out of his opening bag to crush his unknowing opponents.


Section 4                  Results

In an extremely fierce and competitive section, Alan Liu and Phillip Ahn tied for first place. Will they be back to find out who is the best? Are there any rematch challenges in the works?


Section 5                  Results

New comer Katie Goldenberg crushed the field of 12 players with a perfect score of 10 in this week’s Swiss tournament. Will she be back to defend her “crown”! Many of our returning campers are hoping that she won’t!!!


Friday Blitz Tournament

Blitz tournament winner this week were:

Section 1:       1st       
David Shektman,

2nd       Nicholas Katz

3rd        Ben Wolfson, Jayenth Mayur

Section 2:       1st        Robert Elliot

                        2nd       Eric Kong

                        3rd        Gilad Drillich, Joshua Katz

Section 3:       1st        Katie Goldenberg

                        2nd       Alan Liu

                        3rd        Jeremy Stein

Section 4:       1st        Matthew Barinberg

                        2nd       Bertina Kudrin

                        3rd        Ronald Yusim


Best In Class

Each coach chooses the best student in their class for this honor. The criteria include problem solving ability, improvement, behavior, and general participation and attitude during the week.


Coach                                    Student

Sergey Grubazov                  David Shektman

Tanya Grubazov                    Arjun Mayur

Hana Itkis                               Eric Kong

Max Schwartz                        Preston Wang

Danny Rade                           Phillip Ahn

Solomon Lerner                    Berdina Kudrin

Slava Koza                            Caroline Goldenberg

Lawrence Constance           Kenneth Yan

Ben Wolfson                          Katie Goldenberg


Puzzle Solving Contest

Rachel Boutom was the top point winner in this week’s puzzle solving contest, with fierce competition from last week’s winner Gilad Drillich, and Preston Wang.


Best Combination

In our effort to challenge our campers to show us their best, we came up with a new prize, that for the best combination in a tournament. This week’s winner was Kenneth Geller, with a combination that impressed even the demanding Sergey Grubazov.


Art Contest

Malina Pavlova colorful submission was a real crowd pleaser, and was the hands-down choice of the coaching staff.


Overall Sports Winners By Age Group

2002                      Cameron Wu

2001                      Katie Goldenberg

2000                      Siddharth Wagh

1999                      Preston Wang

1998                      Grant Goldenberg

1996                      Arjun Mayur, Ethan Klein

1994                      Jayenth Mayur         


Dodge Ball

Vaed Prasad weaved his way through his opponents this week, and was seemingly untouchable and possessing major league baseball accuracy in his throws. Well done Vaed!!



Matthew Barinberg, one of our return campers, emerged from obscurity to dazzle all with his, until recently, unknown soccer skills. Was he just lucky, or will he continue to dominate the field?



Nicholas Katz was our best player this week, displaying an amazing ability to get the ball back over the net in even the most difficult positions, perhaps a reflection on recent success in studying positions in the middle game! He certainly knows where to be when it counts the most!



This week’s hoop-master was Jayenth Mayur, with an impressive jump shot that is almost as good as some of his openings!


Relay Races

The winning team this week were campers Grant Goldenberg, David Shektman, Katie Goldenberg, Alexey Maydonov, Tim Kouzmenkov, Idan Glickman and Alan Liu. It’s a good thing for the rest of the campers that tournament chess is not a team sport!


We carried over a lot of momentum this week from last week, and everyone is having a great time. The weather has been great, and all of our campers are getting in great shape, have nice tans, and their games are getting better and better every day. It’s almost too bad that we have to go home for the weekend to rest up! We are very eager to teach, and there are spaces available. Why not come and join us for the fun and festivities! Call us 201-833-1741 for more details!