2009 ICA Summer Camp Week 4
Posted: 7/28/2009 | Updated: 7/28/2009 | Photo | Results

ICA Summer Camp Week 4


When we see the effort that our campers put into their studies each week, we all agree that it is a shame that everyone can’t win a prize, but we just want to say that even when they loose they are real winners, and they constantly represent all that is best in what we consider great chess players. We see great competitive drive balanced by excellent sportsmanship. We see and insatiable thirst for new knowledge. And we see the bloom of new and lasting friendships. I had a student this week who would not accept the Best Student honors for my class, because she felt that her new-found camp friend deserved it more. One cannot hear that and not feel a flash of pride, and the honor and privilege parents bestow on us when their campers walk through the door each day. It is truly a spectacular feeling, and makes all the hard work seem so much easier. Bravo campers!!!!


Tournament Results

Section 1                              USCF Rated Results

David Shekhtman continued his dominance in section 1. He scored 4.5 points out of 5 and brought his rating up to 1640! Members of the camp staff are wondering if anyone will rise to challenge this masterful player!


Section 2                              USCF Rated Results

Gilad Drillich and Eric Kong were engaged in a fierce battle for the winners circle this week, and we think that it is a good thing for Gilad that Eric won’t be back next week, because Gilad is really going to have his work cut out for him if he wants the First Place crown even without Eric in the mix……


Section 3                              USCF Rated Results

Alan Liu narrowly defeated Charles Jiang for top honors this week. It was neck and neck until the very end, but as they saw, careers are made on one game!


Section 4    results

Jeremy Stein won this section with impressive 9 out of 10 points and finished 2 points ahead of 2nd place winner. Too bad Jeremy left the camp – this result showed that he is ready to participate in our rated sections  


Section 5    results

In a battle that lasted until the final round Sasha “the Terrible” Modlin, with a perfect score of 11 out of 11 won his way past the camp veteran Benjamin Ryan. Neither player would accept a tie, so we had to let them battle it out in ‘sudden death’. Talk about being competitive!!



Team Blitz Tournament

This week we decided to spice up the blitz tournament, and held a team event instead of an individual. Players are not allowed to confer during the game, and must be on the “same page” as their partner to win the game! Our winners this week were:

Section 1:      
David Shektman and Katie Goldenberg


Section 2:       Sebastian Spitz and Connor Cabrera


Section 3:       Alan Liu and Preston Wang            



Best In Class

Each coach chooses the best student in their class for this honor. The criteria include problem solving ability, improvement, behavior, and general participation and attitude during the week.


Coach                                    Student

Sergey Grabuzov                  David Shektman

Tanya Grabuzov                    Nicholas Katz

Hana Itkis                               Eric Kong

Max Schwartz                        Connor Jordon

Richard Napoli                      Joshua Katz

Solomon Lerner                    Caroline Goldenberg

Slava Koza                            Cole Kang    

Lawrence Constance           Maddie Cho


Puzzle Solving Contest

Charles Jiang was the top point winner in this week’s puzzle solving contest, arriving early each morning to get a head start on his studies, and the extra effort is really paying off.


Art Contest

Lila Cabrera submitted many pleasing and colorful drawings! If she is half as good in tournaments when she starts to play---beware!!!!!




Overall Sports Winners By Age Group

2002-2003             Caroline Goldenberg

2001                      Jonathan Angbazo

2000                      Benjamin Ryan

1997-1998             Gilad Drillich

1996 and older      Ari Shusterman


Dodge Ball

Alan Liu was our winner this week, displaying pinpoint accuracy and an eerie ability to somehow always be were the ball is not!!



Benjamin Ryan a newcomer to the camp this week oohed and ahhed the field with his dazzling skills. We hope to see him on the field again soon! We certainly know that Sasha “the Terrible” is not looking forward to the rematch over the chess board!!!



Michael Finkel spiked and dunked like crazy, and clearly possessed the superior skills this week



Kiernan McVay, returning from a brief but well earned vacation with his family, dribbled and shot his way into the score books as the basketball champ this week. This popular event never seems to have a clearly dominant player, and the champion’s crown is always up for grabs…..



Jeremy Stein, (all of maybe 60 pounds) impressed Director Sergey Grabuzov (and the rest of us) with his amazing skills. It just goes to show you that you don’t have to be the “Hulk” to be a good football player!!!!


Relay Races

The winning team this week was comprised of campers Gilad Drillich, Matthew Baringberg, Connor Cabrera, Lev Krasnovsky, Kenneth Geiler, Jeremy Stein, and David Shektman. This well oiled team passes the baton faster than a queen gets past in Bug house chess!!!


As we come to the mid-point of our summer camp calendar, I am amazed at the amount of energy that our students and coaches have left. Each week presents more eager students for us to challenge, and we are all enjoying it greatly. Judging by the number of students who are returning each week or have plans to return later in the summer, the students are as well. It’s a great feeling to see the happy faces leave at the end of each day, knowing that they had fun, and even if they didn’t win a game, they learned something new and exciting. The wins will come in time!! The summer is still young, and we can’t wait to see what the next week will bring. If you haven’t made the decision to return again this summer, we still have spots available, and our staff is ready and willing to take  on more campers. So give us a call at 201-833-1741 and be a part of the hottest summer chess camp in New Jersey!!!!