2009 ICA Summer Camp Week 6
Posted: 8/9/2009 | Updated: 8/9/2009 | Photo | Results

ICA Summer Camp Week 6

It’s a new ICA Summer Camp Record!!! We had 46 campers this week, and can boast a retention rate of almost 95%!! Now that’s loyalty campers!! The entire ICA staff thanks you. It looks like we might even break that record again for Week 7. We are really packing a full head of steam and great momentum to work up to a thrilling finish to the summer. This may be your last chance to get on board for the action!!


Tournament Results

Section 1
                              USCF Rated Results

Ari Shusterman stole the show this week our top section with a perfect score of 5 out of 5, with a resounding margin of 1½ points over 2nd place winner Alec Weisbrot.  Ari added 80 points to his rating, while Alec managed to gain 155 (!) rating points.


Section 2                              USCF Rated Results

In a fierce battle Haik Der Manuelian and Joshua Clune tied for 1st place with 7 out of 10 points in a field where the top five finishers were separated by only ½ a point. Talk about close!!


Section 3                              USCF Rated Results

Robert Abrahams posted a decisive win in this section with a score of 8 out of 10 points, with a commanding 3½ point margin over the nearest competition. 


Section 4                              Results

In another tight race, Arkadiy Reydman edged ahead of the field with 6 out of 10 points, just ½ point ahead of the second place finishers: Alexander Poste and Nathan Piskun.


Section 5                              Results

New camper Matthew Rho scored 8 points out of 9 and won the 1st place just ½ point ahead of second place winner Michelle Musheyev, who was the only one able to defeat Matthew!


Section 6                              Results

As we go through the summer and our campers get stronger and stronger, we are seeing more close races in our tournaments. Ohm Nabar and Nastasia Klevak provided another thrilling example with scores of 7 out of 10 in a fierce battle that was not decided until the final round – both tied for the first place!


Congratulations to all our winners and players for your outstanding work and continuing improvement. Even though there can only be one winner, by studying hard and trying your best you prove to everyone that you are all winners. Remember-it’s not the results that matter, it’s how you get there that counts. Work hard, listen to your coach, have fun and the wins will come!!!

Blitz Tournaments

Continuing our tradition of Friday Blitz tournaments, this week’s winners are:

Section 1:       1st Place         Yehuda Koslowe

                        2nd Place        Arjun Mayur

                        3rd Place         Gilad Drillich


Section 2:       1st Place         Michael Rozenvasser

                        2nd Place        Edward Musheyev

                        3rd Place         Josh Clune


Section 3:       1st Place         Jacob Tepler

                        2nd Place        Connor Jordan

                        3rd Place         Nathan Piskun, Madeline Tsang    


Section 4:       1st Place         Ohm Nabar

                        2nd Place        Idan Glickman

                        3rd Place         Nathan Clune



Best In The Class

Each coach chooses the best student in their class for this honor. The criteria include problem-solving ability, improvement, behavior, and general participation and attitude during the week.


Coach                                    Student

Sergey Grabuzov                  Yehuda Koslowe

Tanya Grabuzova                  Zachary Lyandres

Diana Tulman                        Matthew Rho

Hana Itkis                               Gilad Drillich

Max Schwartz                        Nathaniel Puskin

Evan Roseberg                     Toren Arginteanu

Lawrence Constance           Gabriella Clemente

Solomon Lerner                    Douglas Tsang

Slava Koza                            Yoav Zolty    

            Genry Krichevsky                  Ansh Tandon


Puzzle Solving Contest

1st Place         Haik Der Manuelian

2nd Place        Joshua Clune

3rd Place         Jacob Tepler


Best Combination

All the counselors were talking about the amazing combination that appeared in the game played by Yehuda Koslowe!! It was, according to all accounts, a publishable game!! Where’s that score sheet Yehuda!!


Art Contest

After many worth attempts, the never to be denied efforts of Gilad Drillich finally paid off with a splendid submission that arts teacher Arie could not ignore!




Overall Sports Winners By Age Group


2003                                 Joshua Lerman

2001                                 Yoav Zolty

2000                                 Douglas Tsang

1999                                 Daniel Zolty

1997                                 Arkadiy Reydman

1996 and older                Alec Weisbrot


Dodge Ball

Thomas Vandalovsky was a moving target that no one could hit this week! He has learned that the best way not to get hit is not to be there…..and what an arm!



Idan Glickmanthe man with the feet of gold” dribbled and passed his way into glory this week!



Nastasia Klevak looks like she is headed to the ICA Volley Ball Hall of Fame. With those skills, who knows what she can do in future ICA events!



The counselors think that Arjun Mayur has found his calling! Will he be the first NBA star to become a Grand Master???


Relay Races

In a dazzling display of speed, precision and team work, this week’s relay race team winners were Jacob Tepler, Douglas Tsang, Edward Musheyev, Madeline Tsang, Joonah Chong, Alexander Poste, Gilad Drillich, Ari Shusterman and Nastasia Klevak


For all you parents that are stuck working in the office or running errands, check out the photos of your favorite camper in our photo gallery. For those of you who have campers that are returning next week, don’t forget that our awards ceremony starts at 2:30, and you are welcome to join us to cheer on that deserving winner. If this week and the coming week are any indication, the word is getting out to the chess world about how much our campers are learning and how much fun they are having.


This might be your last chance!!! Give us a call at 201-833-1741, and don’t miss your chance to be a part of the 2009 ICA family!!