2009 ICA Summer Camp Week 8
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ICA Summer Camp Week 8


All we needed was one more camper!!! We almost hit 50 this week to break the ICA record, but we have still have one more week to do it. Will you be that lucky 50th camper? Gillad Dillich and Sasha Modlin have emerged as the hero’s of the summer, and will sport perfect records by signing up for an amazing 9 weeks!! The tournaments were very competitive again this week, with many drawn games and close finishes and we needed 8 sections to fit everyone! Our camper’s games have become red hot, and they are all primed and ready for the fall tournament season (see our website for more details) and competition in the various school programs around the state. We hope to see many trophies return to the ICA family this fall. Will you be the one to hoist a crown this year?? Will you be one of the ICA’s best students?


Tournament Results

Section 1
                              USCF Rated Results

The top seeded player Kiernan McVay proved that he is ready for Linares (or any other super chess tournament): he drew 4 out of 5 games and finished in 3rd place. It was not clear until the last minute on Friday whether Robert Elliot will get the clear first or he will share it with Kenny Geiler. Kenny drew his game and finished in 2nd place with 3.5 points. Robert got 1st with 4 points.


Section 2                              USCF Rated Results

Haik Der Manuelian was clearly best in this section and got the 1st place with 7.5 points out of 10. Hillel Koslowe finished 2nd with 5.5 points.


Section 3                              USCF Rated Results

Daniel Zolty (top seeded in this section) proved his ranking by finishing first with 8 out of 10 points, point ahead of 2nd place finisher Eitan Jeselsohn. Also of interest in this section was under-dog Victor Ionita’s (307) victory over second seed Philip Lee (621) rated 314 points higher. Way to put the pedal to the metal Victor!!


Section 4                              Results         
In another close battle, Philip Blumin with 9 out of 10 points emerged as the 1st place finisher over Lucas Moiseyev with 8 out of 10. Of interest is the 3rd place and 7 out of 10 score of Alexander Poste, a newcomer to the game, having only started studying on his own back in June. It just goes to show you that with hard work, anything is possible.


Section 5                              Results

Amber Jin decimated her rivals with a walloping 9 out of 10 points, 3 points above 2nd place winner Nicole Moiseyev.


Section 6                              Results

It was a very tight competition between Joshua Lerman and Michael Sun-Huang. They have met in round one and each won once, after that in order to stay in 1st place they had to keep winning all of their games. They did! and tied for 1st place scoring 9 out of 10 points, 4½ points in front of the 3rd place winner Yoav Zolty.


Section 7                              Results

With the only perfect score of the week (10 out of 10), Elad Jeselsohn blew away his section, a full 6 points ahead of the nearest competition. Way to go Elad!!!



Section 8                              Results         

Tyler Hupart cruised to a comfortable victory in this section with 8 out of 10 points. If only it was as easy to get Tyler to eat his lunch!!


Blitz Tournaments


Continuing our tradition of Friday Blitz tournaments, this week’s frenzied winners were:

Section 1:       1st – 2nd           Yehuda Koslowe & Robert Elliot    

                        3rd Place         Gilad Drillich


Section 2:       1st Place         Hilel Koslowe

                        2nd Place        Victor Ionita

                        3rd – 5th          Ryan Hoang, Haik Der Manuelian, Sasha Modlin


Section 3:       1st Place         Idan Glickman

                        2nd – 5th         David Fefer, Joonah Chong, Gregory Sobokar, Lucas Moiseyev


Best In Class

Each coach chooses the best student in their class for this honor. The criteria include problem-solving ability, improvement, behavior, and general participation and attitude during the week.


Coach                                    Student

Sergey Grabuzov                  Kyler McVay

Tanya Grabuzova                  Gilad Drillich

Hana Itkis                               Phillip Lee

Max Schwartz                        Alexander Poste                  

Evan Rosenberg                   Kenneth Stier

Diana Tulman                        Michael Sun-Huang

Solomon Lerner                    Emmett Wieting

Zoya Koza                              Alexis Kvetnoy

Lawrence Constance           Jonathan Marbe

Slava Koza                            Nicole Moiseyev                                    


Puzzle Solving Contest

1st Place         Idan Glickman           

2nd Place        Hillel Koslowe           

3rd Place         Nicole Moiseyev


Best Combination

Hillel Koslowe impressed us with a brilliant combination in the game against Haik Der Manuelian.


Art Contest

The talented Michelle Kvetnoy impressed with her many chess related renditions this week. The sheer bulk and quality of each was amazing!






Overall Sports Winners


Sports Coach     Student

Slava Koza                            Yehuda Koslowe

Hana   Itkis                             Tyler Hupart

Sergey Grabuzov                  Phillip Lee

Max Schwartz                        Joshua Lerman

Evan Rosenberg                   Daniel Zolty

Solomon Lerner                    Kiernan McVay

Tanya Grabuzova                  Michael Sun-Huang

Arjun Mayur                            Yoav Zolty                           


Dodge Ball

Daniel Zolty proved almost impossible to hit this week, sporting fancy foot work and an unbelievably accurate arm as well!


Gregory Sobokar was the man to beat this week as he weaved his way through the pack to get to the goal in record time…


Kenneth Stier floated effortlessly to the basket and dazzled all with his jump shot. He steals the ball just as well as he can steal your queen….look out!


Jessica Miao spiked her way to stardom this week, and sported a nasty serve to boot!

Relay Races

Junior Group

Hana Itkis team: David Goldstein, Emmett Wieting, Carrie Chen, Alexis Kvetnoy and Daniel Marbe hustled the baton from hand to hand with keen accuracy to take 1st place this week.


Senior  Group

Max Schwartz team: Amber Jin, Yehuda Koslowe, Ryan Sun-Huang, Gilad Drillich and Dylan Ryan were the team to beat with a dazzling display of teamwork!


As we head into the final week of our summer camp, we would like to thank all of our campers and their parents for the wonderful support this summer. Our numbers have been far above last year’s, and we hope to beat them next year. Chess is a wonderfully exciting and challenging game, and we believe that promoting it to children will keep the game alive and vibrant in the future. We are dedicated to our students, and endeavor to foster in them a love of the game, and an understanding that study and hard work will produce results, both in chess and in life.


We are now accepting registration for our fall classes in Teaneck and Fair Lawn

Now is the time to take advantage of the early registration fee waiver, and sign up and continue to build on what your camper has learned this summer! Give us a call at 201-833-1741 for more details!