Artur Jussupow Group – Week 1
Posted: 7/18/2010 | Photo

Artur Jussupow Group – Week 1

The focus in Artur’s camp was on the very tricky opposite colored bishop endings which have been the bane of existence for even the likes of world champion Vishi Anand (surprisingly it is women’s world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk who is fairly successful in these types of endgames).  David Adelberg proved the strongest in these types of positions.

In the middle of the week, Artur switched his focus to the middle of the game, with those positions being dominated by the expertise of Daniel Gurevich, and Alex Katz. 

Daniel, David, and Alex were tied in the end, though Mathiew Poulin, William Fisher, and Sasha Velikanov  had successes throughout the week as well.

However, on Friday, during the last session, Alex Katz pulled away from the pack to win the first place prize and the book that accompanies it.