ICA Summer Camp 2010 Day Camp Week 9
Posted: 8/29/2010 | Updated: 9/4/2010 | Photo | Results

ICA Summer Camp 2010 Day Camp Week 9

It’s finally over, and not too soon I might add because it was quite exhausting, and despite our newest student’s Alessandro Demarchi-Blumstein’s quote “I know you want it to be over but I don’t cause it was so much fun,” I as well as most of the coaches do need a summer vacation from this summer vacation.  While ninety percent of the time was productive and dare I say it not “Office Space” job boring, the stress of dealing with a certain few kids and rainy day circumstances does take its toll.

Anyway, the results for the final week of tournaments were as follows:

In section eight, a last day, Friday morning play-off saw Ben Pyatski stave off a final charge from Jonathan Marbe who won two games in the last two days to tie for first, but lose the final game play-off to give Ben first place.  Jonathan came in second, with Paul Smelyantsev finishing third. 

Section seven, was all Alan Sourek, who coming off a few month lay-off, defeated everybody in his path to go undefeated in and claim first place.  His last day scare against Ben Dubetsky, was just that as Alan down a piece fought his way back to gain an advantage and finally win in a typical endgame position.  Emett Wieting won second place with wins against everyone but Alan, as well as a single draw somewhere in the middle rounds.  Sophie Rasol came back on the final day to claim third, as a clutch win over Tyler Hupert allowed her to come within one point of Daniel Marbe who had to lose to Tyler on the final day to give Sophie third place.  Since Tyler won Sophie went ahead of one player and drew the other on points  thereby giving her the tie-break advantage over both based on individual games.

In section six, David Fefer won every game but his last against second placing Douglas Tsang, to claim first.  Douglas ended up in second with the victory, while his sister Madeline, Zachary Mankowitz, and Michael Sun-Huang split third place.

In section four, Idan Glickman bounced back from a late game blunder against Vivek Gogliani which cost him a key point, to beat first place tying Sam Fried in a last day tie-break game.  As Sam described it he, “took a {free bishop} (using finger symbol quotation marks to signify the Bishop wasn’t free) that gave Idan the fuel for a royal fork and the ultimate win.  Sam finished second, and Brian Hong ended up taking third.

In notation, a prize we have now started awarding only to the younger sections, Daniel Stein stood out according to Nathan Zlochevsky.  The older sections, now tasked with annotating their games to get the older section writing prize, saw a co-winner finish as Ohm, and Vivek both put in a lot of effort (of a few hours each) to annotate their games.

The simul winner was Sam Fried who took Max 47 moves.  There were no winners in the simul for the younger section because nobody lasted more than ten moves.

In problem solving, three prizes were awarded as Douglas won for the older section, Alan Sourek won for the middle sections, and Rohan won for the younger sections.

The best students in each group were: Paul Smelyantsev in Kenny’s group, Debra Boutom in Nathan’s group, Derek Zhou in Hana’s group, Leo Strizhevsky in Solomon’s group, and Alessandro DeMarchi-Blumstein in Max’s group.  In Slava’s group, a tie between Sophie and Alan for best student was decided based on Alan’s win in problem solving, and the fact that admittedly, since Alan was older Sophie had to work way harder to keep up in class which to her credit she did, though both did an exceptional job in the end.

Since we had three days of rain, our sports activities were hampered and replaced by an all week blitz tournament which was won by Idan in the older section, and Douglas in the younger section. 

On Friday, we were able to go out and hold our traditional relay race event which was won by Nathan’s team of the “Mean Machine,” which dominated in the organization events to claim clear first.  The members of the team were Vivek, Ohm, Paul, Daniel Stein, Ben Pyatski, Jonathan Marbe, and Zachary Mankowitz.

The dodgeball prize went to Douglas for the one day of dodgeball that we were able to do.

On Friday, blitz/bughouse was won by the “Killers” a team comprised of Michael, Tyler, Ben Mankowitz, and coach Kenny.  Surprisingly all the other teams shared 2nd/3rd place with two teams in second with twelve points, and the other four teams in joint third with eleven points, making this the closest blitz-bughouse tournament of the summer.

In art, Paul Smelyantsev was announced the winner, while the first ever music prize (a pair of drumsticks from Howard) went to Daniel Marbe.

Healthy lunch was a combination win, as individual winners from the past two weeks, Emily Dubetsky, and Ben Dubetsky, combined to win healthy lunch this week.  We also decided to give the dual award because it happened to be Ben’s birthday.


Fair Lawn Camp 

In section two of the classical tournament Dwight Moran won on tie-breaks over Phillip Blumin. In section three, Allen Shen and Emre tied for first with Allen winning first on tie-breaks.  Daniel Khaitov finished in third behind Allen and Emre.  In section five Thomas Vandalovsky beat out Malina Pavlova to take first, with Malina second, and Tim Kouzmenkov in third.

The best students were Joshua Lerman in Diana’s group, Jesse Baron in Ilya’s group, and Ronald in Arjun’s group.

In problem solving in Dwight won first, Allen won second, and Jesse Baron took third, while Ben Wang won first in the younger sections.

In team blitz, Phillip and Dwight won.

In sports, Malina won in the younger group, Joey Ballai won in the second group, and Michael Rozenvasser won in the oldest group.

Sergey’s Master Camp

Haik won the regular tournament in a tie-break over David Rubenfeld. Eric Kong won the problem-solving competition as well as the blitz tournament.