2011 ICA Scholastic/Recreational Camp Registration Now Open!
Posted: 1/24/2011 | Updated: 1/25/2011

2011 ICA Scholastic/Recreational Camp Registration Now Open!

          For what will be the sixteenth year of our existence the International Chess Academy is proud to announce that registration for our summer program is officially open for the current 2011 year.  
         Children attending will have a fun opportunity to focus exclusively on studying this mysterious  game of games, and improving their ability to think smart, and grow confident in their intelligence. 
         Aside from chess, as is tradition we will also focus on sports, and outdoor activities, as well as provide many prizes and awards for all of our competitions.
        There is no question that most kids who sign up for at the very least one week, usually wish to sign up for more weeks throughout the summer. 
        If interested please follow the link to view our form which includes all pertinent details, prices, and discounts for both family packages, and multiple weeks.

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