Chess Camp ’11 Week One Report: New Mascot Joins ICA Teaneck Location!
Posted: 7/3/2011 | Photo | Results

Chess Camp ’11 Week One Report: New Mascot Joins ICA Teaneck Location!

(Note: Parents we are full up for the next three weeks, so we are not accepting any more individual sign-ups for those weeks. However, if you are able to gather a group of at least four kids to sign up, we will have enough resources to rent out a neighboring building, and hire another coach to form an additional group. ) 

His name is “Bob ‘The Horse’ CheckMate Johnson” and he is nobody you want to mess with because he has an orange ICA t-shirt, David Fefer’s hat, and a mouth filled with a small shriveled carrot.   He was brought to us by Max Yelsky as a way to decorate the school, and as soon as we find a pair of mannequin arms to stick in the sleeves of the t-shirt, Slava will no longer have to put his hands in there and pretend like they are Bob’s, and “The Horse” will be able to shake everyone’s hands at random, as well as wave hello and goodbye every day.

So anyway we started camp, and ended our first week, and would thereby like to thank everyone who came for making it somewhat tolerable given the heat, mosquitos, and lack of sleep. 

As usual we had a bunch of prizes, and competitions, the winners of which were as follows:

Joshua “Lerminator” Lerman won section two, despite overcoming a tear-filled loss to Sasha Konovalenko in the second to last round. Jacob Tepler won section three on tie-breaks, having tied second place finishing Ben Mankowitz with an equal score. Daniel Khaitov took third place in that section.  Brian Hong won section four despite a slight blemish loss against Dillon “formerly five years old” Shelton.   Joshi Vidur took second, with Ronald Yusim finishing third.  Section five was won by Elisheva “Gilad’s sister” Drilich, who beat most everyone except second place finishing Mathew “ baby Lerminator” Lerman, who scored a clutch back rank mate win, as Elisheva, going in for the kill overlooked the defenses of her eighth rank.  Jonathan Stern won third.

Qihan nabbed the award for best chess notation recording all his games neatly and without any errors.

Sasha Konovalenko won the rated problem solving section, while Mathew Lerman won the unrated section.

The best students in the morning study groups were: Sasha Konovalenko in Tanya’s group, Daniel Khaitov, and Emre Alptuna in Diana’s group, Jacob Tepler in David’s group, Ronald Yusim in Slava’s group, Bowen in Genry’s group, Maria in Max’s group, and Noah in Ivette’s group.

The Friday Blitz/Bughourse team championships were won by the “Annoying Orange,” team, captained by Sasha Konovalenko, and including teammates: Qihan, Zachary, and Bowen.

Sports winners in each group were: Connor in the oldest group, Ronald in the second oldest, Sasha in the third group, Jason in the 2002 year of birth group,  Joshua in the 2003-2004 group, and Dillon in the 2005-2006 group.

Alex Hao won for Dodgeball after a last day showdown against Sasha Konovalenko, while Michael Yerokhin won for soccer, with Kaylie Shelton given the second prize for being the best forward (after scoring three goals in one game).  

In the Friday relay race competition, the Genry led “Killer Shrimp” took first place honors.  The team was comprised of Sasha, Victoria, Bowen, Qihan, Elisheva,  and Daniel K.  

The art contest was won by Elisheva (Teacher’s choice), and Nick (Coach’s choice).  Qihan got the music prize as according to Howard, while Maria rounded things out with a win for the healthiest lunch.


Sergey’s Master Camp

Week one of Sergey’s Master camp was dominated by ICA junior coach David Rubenfeld.  David won the classical tournament, blitz tournament, and the problem solving competition.  Ethan Klein won for sports.