Chess Camp 2011 Week 2 Report
Posted: 7/10/2011 | Updated: 7/12/2011 | Photo | Results

Chess Camp ’11 Week 2 Report: Bob “The Horse” CheckMate Johnson Still In Search of Donor Arms & two campers get one year closer to Drinking Age!


(Dear Parents, and Students, WELCOME TO WEEK 3 OF OUR CAMP!  Get comfortable, get settled and check out what you were foolish enough to miss during the first two weeks below.)


Not that anyone needs to drink in the slightest when there is a chessboard around but facts is facts as our mascot Bob “The Horse,” would say, so we’re sticking to them.  As most of you know we have a new mascot based off of last weeks report, and it is our profound wish (well maybe just my profound wish) to get him a pair of mannequin arms, so as to stick them in the sleeves of his shirt so he could wave good goodbye to kids and do all sort of other funny camp related things.


We also celebrated two birthdays this past week, as Ronald Yusim, and Josh Lerman brought cupcakes, candy, and juice boxes to school to celebrate their day of existence.  We sang a chess related happy birthday song (i.e. Happy Birthday to you, you go to chess school, you look like Kasparov, and you play like him too, etc.)


In any case, we had a bunch of prizes and competitions in week two much like in week one, and the winners were as follows:


In the regular tournament, section one participated in a simul style tournament playing against a different coach each day.  Since only Josh Lerman scored one point against Ethan on day one he was the winner of his section.   Ben Mankowitz won section two in a tight contest where his closest challengers were Jacob Tepler, who finished second, and Daniel Khaitov, and Alex Hao who both tied for third.  The section three winner was Vidur Joshi, who clinched first with a win on the last day to the disappointment of none-sleeping  Zachary Mankowitz  who finished second, and third placing Elisheva Drillich.


In section four, Yoni Stern won first, Jessica Norell won second, Daniel, Noah, Mathew, and Ben all tying for the third place honors.


Five year-old Mathew Lerman won the best notation prize, for what Tanya deemed “work resembling that of a typewriter.”


Problem solving winners were Josh Lerman for the rated players, and Jessica for the unrated players.


The best students in the study groups were Josh Lerman in Tanya’s group, Daniel Khaitov, and Qihan in Hana’s group, Jay Boogaert in Slava’s group, Mathew Lerman in Ivette’s group, and Jessica in Genry’s group.


The winners of the Blitz/Bughouse Championship were the “Evil Flying Killer Clowns of Death” (Joshua Lerman, Emre Alptuna, Ronald Yusim, and Mathew Lerman).


Best athletes in sports were: Ben Mankowitz for 1999 and older, Ronald for 2001-2002, Daniel Khaitov for 2002A, and Jay B for 2002B, Josh Lerman for 2003-2004, and Mathew Lerman for 2005-2006.


The relay race winners were Hana’s “Flying King Tiger Elephant Fishes” (Elisheva, Erik, Ben M, Jacob, Emre, and Vidur).


Emre won for soccer, and Daniel Khaitov won for dodgeball, while Maria’s “Zebras” best influenced the coaches so she won for art.


Charli won the healthy lunch, while Lily took home the “best effort” award.