ICA Scholastic Chess Camp 2011 Week 5 Report
Posted: 8/14/2011 | Photo | Results

ICA Scholastic Chess Camp 2011 Week 5 Report


The tournament winners were Zachary Lyandres in section one with Josh Lerman second, and Josh Katz third.  Alan Stolyarov won in section two with Daniel Khaitov second, and Qihan Wang third.  Allan Zhang won section three with Sophie Rasol second, and Jeremy M. third.  Dillon Shelton won section four with Zachary Shusterman second, and Mathew Lerman third.  Michael Yerokhin won section five, with Jaiden Shin second, and Maria Savransky third. 

Hope won for the cleanest notation, while Qihan won the rated simul section, and Maria Savransky the unrated section.  Anthony Clemente won the rated problem solving, while Danik Stern, and Michael Yerokhin won the unrated section. 

Anthony Clemente, and Alan Stolyarov won the older blitz tournament, while Sophie Rasol won the younger one.

The best students in each group were Daniel Khaitov in Tanya’s group, Idan Glickman in Slava’s group, Gabriela Clemente in Genry’s group, Alex Belov in Eve/Mathew’s group, and Jaiden Shin in Natasha/Izmail’s group.

The Friday blitz/bughouse tournament was won by the J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS! Led by Jacob Tepler, with teammates Jeremy M., Jaiden Shin, and Danik Stern.

The sports winners were Jeremy M, Anthony Clemente, Gabriella Clemente, Nicholas Belov, Michael Yerokhin, and Dillon Shelton, from oldest to youngest based on each individual age group.

Anthony Clemente won for Dodgeball, Idan won for Soccer, while Christopher Elson, and Qihan won for art, with Elisheva getting both the best effort, and healthy lunch prizes.