Chess Camp 2011 Week 6 Report – Fair Lawn
Posted: 8/24/2011 | Photo | Results

Chess Camp 2011 Week 6 Report – Fair Lawn

The end of GM cams allowed opening Fair Lawn site as an additional locations for Day Camp, that significantly increased the number of future chess masters. The Master Camp continued in Fair Lawn as well under Sergey Grabuzov supervision

Four tournaments took place in Fair Lawn.

In Master Camp group 1 (rating above 1500): Alexander Poste was leading in section 1 throughout the tournament and only at the finish he lost the game to David R,  and allowed David get the 1st place. Alexander got 2nd and Gilad – 3rd

The camp “recruit” -  Hillel Koslowe – won section 2, second and third places went to camp’s “old-timers”: Josh L and Zachary L

Daniel K. won section 3, with Qihan W. just one step behind, and Reid in 3rd

Tyler H won Section 4, with Ěichael Y in second, and Daniel C. in third

«Best in Chess Groups”: David R once again was best in Sergey’s  group.  In Tanya’s group Josh L. and Hillel K tied for 1st in tough competition.  In Diana’s  group Reid became the best student;  in Max’s group Thomas V., and in Jay’s  Maria M.

Michael Y. had a very successful week: in addition to getting 2nd place in the tournament, he won prize for “best notation” and won team tournament! Michael also was able to recover his prizes from the previous week (the ones that were waiting for him to improve his behavior)!

Greg P caused a sensation in “Survival in Simul” by beating the coach and winning 1st place

In “Problem solving Competition” Josh L won Open section, Daniel K (U1000)  and Andrew S. (unrated).

In the most cheerful chess action of week – Team Championship - “The White Knights” (Reid S., Daniel C., Matthew L., Michael Y.) celebrated the Victory.  In Master Camp this competition has been replaced by Bliz and  David R (who could think J ) won again

The best in sports groups: Gilad D. (Sergey’s group), Sasha K. (Tanya’s group), Reid S. (Max’s group), Greg P. (Jay’s group), and Max Z. (Elliott’s group)

Elliott’s Team (Reid, Greg, Vicky, and Andrew) won traditional “Relay Race” competition.

Daniel C won Dodge Ball competition. Best in soccer: Joshua L and Qihan.

The topographic features of camp arrangements in Fair Lawn require from students studying specific habits of marching drill in order to pass safely to sport field and back. That is how we come up with the new prize: “Best Swag Walker” Thomas V was the first winner of new prize

Andrew B conquered the prize “Healthy Lunch”, and (finally) most assiduous proved to be our little-ones - Matthew L. and Vicky S. who won contest for Best Effort.”