ICA Teaneck Camp 2011 Week 8 Report
Posted: 9/10/2011 | Updated: 9/22/2011 | Photo | Results

ICA Teaneck Camp ’11 Week 8 Report: 
Camper Gets Into Fight With Bob “The Horse”

So apparently, Bob “The Horse” and Max “the counselor” Schwartz made a bet about who would win Max’s section for that week.  Max, betting on Daniel Zolty had foreseen Bob’s attempt to secure Alan Stolyarov the victory and tried to counter that Petrosian-like positional play.   Unfortunately, the closed door scheming, Soviet-chess federation like political dealings, pre-arranged draw conspiracies, and many other dubious plots, cost the third place winner Victor Ionita the gold medal, as he had to settle for bronze behind both Alan and Daniel (the two shared 1st, while Max and Bob called off the stalemated bet).   Soon after the award ceremony Victor approached Bob, and in a fit of rage knocked the fruit by the foot box hat Bob was sporting that Friday.   Fortunately, Bob was ok even if his hat wasn’t.

Otherwise, in section two, Douglas Tsang won first place, with Idan Glickman, and Nastasia Klevak sharing silver.  Madeline Tsang won in section three, with Michelle Kvetnoy, and Victor Tao taking third.  Nick Belov, and Daniel Klevak shared first in section four, with James Belov taking the bronze.  Ben Pyatski, and Emmett Wieting took gold in section five with Loring finishing third.  Jonathan Marbe won section six, with Zachary Sieden and Max Zhu drawing the second place prize.

Michelle Kvetnoy won a well deserved annotation prize for a spite against Slava annotated game, that neatly summarized (even if illogically in a chess sense) every single move of her game against Daniel Marbe.  

Nastasia Klevak won the rated survival in a simul competition, after being forced to play each coach by Slava just so her friend Michelle Kvetnoy can stay in Slava’s group.  Yoav won for the unrated section, while Allesandro scored the best single game with a 58 move marathon against Max that netted him a prize as well.

The best students in each group were: Allessandro in Max’s group, Doug Tsang in Slava’s group, Daniel Klevak in Ivette’s group, Ben Pyatski in Ilya’s group, Max Zhu in Zoya’s group, Charli Coward in Robert’s group, Emmett Wieting in Izmail’s group, and Victor Tao in Frank’s group.

The Friday blitz-bughouse champs were won by the “Losing Shadow Lugias,” who were led to victory by Idan Glickman, and included Zachary Seiden, and brothers James, and Alex Belov.

There were no sports groups, or relay races in week eight because of bad weather, but we did have a few minutes for dodgeball during two days, and so awarded prizes to Doug Tsang for overall play, as well as a prize to big Misha Belkovsky for terrific striking abilities.

Idan Glickman won for soccer, while Ben Pyatski, Max Zhu, and Michelle Kvetnoy all won for art.

Finally, David “I had a huge black eye after attending chess camp” Fefer surprisingly won for his delicious yet nutritious salad/fruit/sandwich combination in the healthy lunch competition.