“Summer In The Winter Camp” 2: The Return Of The Abominable Chess Man
Posted: 12/10/2011

“Summer In The Winter Camp” 2: The Return of The Abominable Chess Man

Since this is America and since America enjoys huge budget, if often mediocre, sequels of big Hollywood holiday hits we have decided to continue last year’s tradition and hold a week of chess camp in the winter this year as well. 

The camp, starting on the 26th of December, and running through the 30th, will run exactly like our regular summer program.  We will start at 9 in the a.m. with lessons until 11, and then, weather permitting go outside for sports until 12:30.  Lunch (i.e. PIZZA!!!!!!) will follow until 1 p.m. after which we will have tournament games until 3 p.m.

For those interested in our full program, if there are enough willing participants, we will also have a full day program including music, and art, which will run from end of the regular program until 5 pm.

The pricing for the camp will be the same as in the summer with 300 dollars per child for the week if you are staying till three, and 400 dollars if your child will do music, and art and stay until five.

As in our summer sessions we will provide prizes for all manner of categories and do our best to keep your children enthusiastic and entertained.

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email Diana@icanj.net, phone 201-797-0330 ,fax or telegraph for more information.

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