Running Home To Start 2012 Edition Of ICA CAMP In Teaneck!
Posted: 5/28/2012

Running Home To Start 2012 Edition of ICA CAMP in Teaneck!
Dear ICA Parents,
Perhaps in between causing a brain damaging seizure, or possibly a nervous breakdown, your children might have none-chalantly asked you about where that one crazy fella named Slava was all this time.
While its true that I mentioned to some that I was going on vacation to California for six months, in point of fact I had wanted to run across America and took time off to accomplish said goal.  By the time you will read this I will probably have gone more than 2,500 miles from my initial starting point in Dillon Beach, California to somewhere in the state of Ohio.  In approximately one week I hope to enter Pennsylvania and then perhaps two weeks later finally set foot in New York which will signal the endpoint of my trip.
Originally I did not think I would be back in time to run the camp as I had only trained to run about 20 miles a day, but as we have progressed and came out of the mountains on the west coast I have become strong enough to tolerate a distance of 30 daily miles, and as of tomorrow will have run every single day of the past two months without taking a day off.  I hope to complete the trip about ten days before the start of camp on June 25th.
As much as this trip has been fun (that and painful, and exhausting, and scary, etc.) I, along with all of our ICA coaches hope to make the camp even more entertaining, and exhausting enough so that your kids are too tired to cause any headaches when you pick them up.
On a final note, I would like to thank both the Ionita, and Rozenvasser families for contributing financially towards helping me complete my goal.  I did not tell anyone about my plans, and certainly did not ask anyone for any such help which is what makes their contribution so meaningful.
So that's the news from here in Ohio, and I hope to see you all on the
first day of camp.
With Chessiest regards,
P.S. you can check out my progress on the following youtube channel:
(Parents please note the songs are mostly Russian, and mostly harmless though there are a few that have adult subject matter and strong language so be aware if you want to show 'em to the kids.)  

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