2012 ICA Summer Chess Camp Week One Fair Lawn Report (6/25 6/29)
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2012 ICA Summer Chess Camp Week One Fair Lawn Report (6/25 – 6/29):

There were 21 students in the 1st week.  We run 4 main tournaments: sections 2 through 5. In Section 2 Anthony Gurunian was beyond competition, he only lost half a point in 5 games. Konovalenko Sahsa and Nicholas were 2nd and 3rd respectively. USCF Rating Report

Ronald Yusim, brilliantly performed in Section 3: he won all of his games (5!)

In Section 4 Michael Yerokhin (to his own astonishment) won 1st place with 4 points out of 6.

In Section 5, where our youngest stars competed, six year old, experienced Daniel Shtern did not leave any chances to competitors by scoring 4.5 points out of 5. Eric Zheng took 2nd, and Willy Huo 3rd.


Best Student Of The Class

Each coach selects his best student of the week based on 2 hours daily chess classes

The honor is based on the student’s participation in class, points awarded for problem solving, and their overall progress during the week.


Coach Tatiana Grabuzova – Nicholas Konovalenko

Coach Eugene SokolovskyEric Trostin

Coach Genry Krichevsky – Eric Zheng

Coach Max Yelsky – Michael Shinkar


In addition to mandatory - a game in the tournament and group classes - our students can participate (and compete for prizes!),  in any chess programs of  their choice: Problem Solving Competition, Survival in Simul (against coaches), Best Chess Notation.


The best solver of unrated pupils was Eric Z. We can say that he was the undisputed champion of the week in this category because, after solving all puzzles of ‘mates in one move’, that were relevant his sections, he switched to ‘mate in 2 moves’, scoring amazing 56 points. Israel Moshe and Nick tied for 1st in rated section.


The strongest in Survival in Simul Competition in Rated Section became Sasha, who right away (on Monday) virtually stripped all of the competitors of a single chance by defeating Coach Max Y. (!). In Unrated, In contrast, the winner was known only on Friday: Jenny, hold the longest - 23 moves – in her game against Eve.


Alexis led accurate record of all the games, which rightly got the prize:  Best Chess Notation.


Team Championship – one more chess event. This competition is among the favorite among our students. This week in a bitter struggle  the team “Breakers, Killers and Exploders” beat everyone (but without suggested by team name violence). Eric Trostin – Captain. Team members: Ronald, Michael S, Eric Z.


In addition to chess, we run a great sports program (it is well known fact: chess players need physical training). Every week we hold competitions in Age Groups - our little 'Olympics'. Despite the rain and the sun, somewhat hampered outside events, the first week was no exception


Results of sport ‘Olympiad’


Year                           Winner                    

2005 - 2006                         Daniel Shtern                     

2003 - 2004             Aaron Friedman    

2002                          Sasha Konovalenko                      

2000-2001               Jesse Welfer

1999 & Older          Anthony Gurunian


Since our students love playing Dodge Ball and Soccer, we established Dodge Ball and Soccer awards!


In Dodgeball until the last day there was a close contest between Jenny and Sasha. Only on Friday, finishing with a jerk Sasha managed to win first place.


Despite the European Championships held in parallel, Soccer this week was not so popular among our students, as it was before. Nevertheless, a few guys consistently chose this particular game. As a result Darren and Eric Z tied for the 1st place.


In the traditional Friday's relay excelled Genry's Team named: Exploding Rainbow Pony (Anthony, Daniel, Sasha, Darren, Israel Moshe, Alexis, Alex).


Other Awards (we developed enough categories so each child can win at least 1!):

Healthy Lunch. Every week on Thursday our coaches pick the winner in this category. This time the healthiest lunch belong to  Michael Y. 

Swag Walker.   Because twice a day - morning and afternoon (on the way to the sports) - we have to make a walk in the park, we came up with this award - the one who behaves the best during this walk. The winner of this prize was Jonathan.

Best Effort – prize for the diligent attitude to work - have won Matthew (unrated) and Vaed (rated).


For students who stayed for Full Day, and participated in Art and Music Classes, we established: Music and Art Awards. Alexis won Music Award. Jenny won Art Award


Nobody was left without the prize this week. It is a pity that nobody claimed the Home Work award, since the kids did not try to work on chess outside the camp environment. We hope that next week this mistake will be corrected!.

Congratulations to all of our wonderful students for their accomplishments. We hope to see you soon, at another of our summer sessions, weekend classes, or at a tournament. Please stay in touch. Chess is a life time game, and many close friendships develop. We care about all the stars in the ICA family!!


Be sure to visit our website for pictures of all the students and instructors engaged in classes and outdoor activities. Can you find your favorite student? Class openings are still available for some weeks on a limited basis for new applicants or for parents who want to continue in the program. Please contact Diana Tulman at the school, 201-833-1741 (Teaneck) or 201-797-0330 (Fair Lawn) or  201-287-0250 (Home) or  201-819-8280 (Cell) or email: Diana@icanj.net .

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