Bergen County`s 11 Yr Old Chess Expert & World-Acclaimed Inventor
Posted: 10/16/2019

Bergen County's 11 yr old Chess Expert & World-Acclaimed Inventor 

International Chess Academy of NJ takes extreme pride in working with extraordinary kids like Gary Leschinsky of Mahwah, NJ.


It was only two years ago, at the age of nine, that Gary Leschinsky, a resident of Mahwah, walked through the doors of International Chess Academy of New Jersey (ICA) as a novice chess student. Gary immediately demonstrated talent and the ability to absorb the concepts of chess, and within six months, his US Chess Federation (USCF) competitive rating went from 500 to 1600. His rating continued to increase and as of September 2019, Gary is ranked # 26 nationally in the top 100 among 11 year olds.
Gary plays at an expert level and trains at ICA with GrandMaster Alexander Stripunsky, who says, "An ability to learn quickly is an indication of talent. Gary has always been an exceptional learner, partially because of his great work ethic, partially because of his ability to capture the essence of the process going on, the nature of the position."

For over 20 years, ICA has been fostering extraordinary talent throughout Bergen County by offering chess classes to students of all levels of skill in both Glen Rock and Teaneck. We offer math olympiad training, sponsor chess competitions and tournaments, and provide well-rounded scholastic camps for kids.

Our community of students has enjoyed the benefits and opportunities that competitive chess, advanced math training, and a nurturing environment of international coaches and trainers can offer. We've watched our kids develop into promising, analytical students that go on to attend good schools, some very prestigious institutions, and to make important contributions in the world.

Gary is extraordinary in that, while in third grade, he developed and received a US Patent for an electronic device, a wearable watch that detects allergic reactions in children. The A-Watch as it's called has earned him world-wide recognition, television appearances and a place in the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors. This November he will be one of seven speakers in the under 18 age category to present at CDI 2019 (La Cuidad de las Ideas), an international "Festival of Brilliant Minds" that celebrates creativity and curiosity.

ICA takes extreme pride in working with gifted students such as Gary. It has been our mission to create the kind of environment where a child can grow, develop, and discover discipline, creativity, and the simple joys of learning.


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