Future Masters Class With Grandmaster Alex Stripunsky
Posted: 8/12/2019 | Updated: 8/12/2019 | Sign Up
Future Masters Class with Grandmaster Alex Stripunsky

Is your child a talented young chess player who wants to get even better? Then sign up for ICA’s Future Masters class with elite coach Grandmaster Alex Stripunsky. This class is for students with a USCF of FIDE rating over 1200 and a strong interest in learning intermediate strategies that will lay the foundation for top-level play.  Specifically, the 10 class session will include common middle game ideas, tactical training, and basic endgame ideas. GM Stripunsky will assign homework positions each week in order to review the current lesson and prepare for the upcoming one.  Students are expected to have access to the Chessbase software to complete the homework. He will also review students’ tournament games during some lessons in order to personalize them.

Sign up by September 1st to reserve your spot!


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