ICA Fall Schedule Is Out!
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ICA Fall Schedule is Out!

ICA Fall Schedule is Out!

The ICA fall schedule is out! As usual, we are offering both math and chess classes six days a week between two great locations. In Glen Rock, we have weeknight classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well as Saturday morning classes. In Teaneck, we have classes on Monday and Wednesday nights as well as Sunday mornings. Chess is offered at all locations and times, and math is offered in Glen Rock on weeknights as well as Sunday morning in Teaneck. All days and locations include three timeslots for classes, with more advanced classes scheduled in the later timeslots. Additionally, there is a special adult class on Sunday afternoon for parents and any other adults that want to learn chess with their peers. The chess classes are taught by our carefully selected coaches, many of which are ICA alumni. In addition, we have special advanced chess classes taught by our top trainers, WGM Irina Levitina and GM Alex Stripunsky.  Irina teaches advanced classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in Glen Rock and Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon in Teaneck.  Alex teaches our Future Masters class on Wednesday evening and our Master class on Saturday afternoon.  Our math classes are taught by Zoya Koza, a former NYC public high school math teacher with more than 20 years of experience. If you sign up for both math and chess this semester, you get a special discount!

Make sure to sign up before August 25th to take advantage of the early bird special!

In addition to our educational programs, we run various chess tournaments. Every week we hold Saturday quads in Glen Rock. All sections are USCF rated, with G/30; d5 for sections rated under 1000 and G/45; d5 for sections over 1000. The competitors range from new tournament players in the lowest sections to the frequent appearance of experts in the top quad. We also have five Dr. Ostfeld Memorial tournaments. Held at Bergen Academies in Hackensack, these tournaments consistently draw several hundred participants. There are two unrated sections for our newest players as well as U800, U1200, and U1400 scholastic sections with trophies for all players who score 2.5/4 or higher. Meanwhile, our U1600 and Open sections offer cash prizes for top finishers as well as class and age prizes. For more details and to sign up, visit the Tournaments page on our website. Finally, ICA always sends a large contingent to the major tournaments run by the NJSCF. These include the grade level championships in November and the ever-popular Amateur Team East in February.

Come join the ICA for another year of chess, math, learning, and fun!

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