Posted: 5/22/2020 | Updated: 5/31/2020 | Sign Up
Virtual Chess Classes

Small Group Classes in a Safe and Nurturing Environment.

Recently, the Covid-19 outbreak forced ICA to roll out an ALL NEW Online Chess Program. While maintaining a sense of responsibility and commitment to the students and the entire chess community, ICA is continuing to provide online instruction within a SAFE environment that provides a flexible and ample selection of classes available for students of all ages and all skill levels, located anywhere in the world.


The virtual class structure is kept as close as possible to the traditional in-person classroom in that a 6:1 student teacher ratio is maintained, with lots of individual attention, class participation, interaction, games at the end of class, and homework. Students are grouped by skill level and encouraged to harness their knowledge and growth. It is very important during these times to keep kids active, focused, learning, socially engaged, and most important, challenged.

Virtual classes offer lots of perks:

-Easy access for both kids and parents (No need to drive to the site, everything is already prepared far in advance!)

-More tools to moderate our classes

(Muting functions, breakout rooms, sharing tools etc.)

-Many online resources we can use for teaching! (Video lectures, tactics trainers, club tournaments etc.)

Overall, virtual classes allow the student to participate from the comfort of their own home while maintaining the benefits we had with onsite classes.


Students are still able to socialize while enjoying chess with a more focused productive session free of unnecessary noise.