2021 Fall Master Classes

Posted: 8/6/2021 | Updated: 8/6/2021 | Sign Up

Master (1500+) and Future Master (1200+) Classes

Our Master (1500+) and Future Master (1200+) Classes at ICA are always a favorite, led by the indomitable teachers, GM Alex Stripunksly and WGM Irina Levitina.

As many ICA students can attest, taking a class with GM Stripunsky will help take your game to another level. GM Stripunsky has gained great respect and recognition as one of America's Elite Grandmasters and is known as one of the Premier Chess Coaches in the US after serving as one of the trainers for the historic 2004 Women Olympiad Training Squad and as Coach of the Women’s Olympian Team.

Our own WGM Irina Levitina is always a student favorite. Her impeccable pedigree includes being the Soviet Women's Champion four times, in 1971, 1978 (jointly), 1979, and 1981. Then, in 1984 she was a World Championship Candidate before immigrating to the US in 1990 where she became the U.S. Women's Champion in 1991 (jointly), 1992, and 1993 (jointly).

Take advantage of these coaches’ World Championship knowledge and join us in these exciting Master and Future Master Classes! Early bird pricing ends August 31st.  We invite you to find a day and time that works for you.