2021 Fall Glen Rock

Posted: 8/6/2021 | Updated: 8/6/2021 | Sign Up

In-person classes are back! 

ICA fall semester runs from September 9th to November 23rd (in Glen Rock). All levels of instruction are offered.  Small class sizes (1:6 instructor to students ratio) ensure personalized teaching and peer interaction. ICA’s teachers are what set our classes apart. World renowned instructors like GM Alex Stripunsky, WGM Tatiana Grabuzova, WGM Irina Levitina, and NM Christopher Welcome, to just name a few, are the backbone of ICA. With years of teaching experience, they motivate, engage, and inspire students to reach their potential. Please visit our site to read more about all our amazing instructors.

Early bird pricing ends August 31st.  We invite you to find a day and time that works for you.  

Fall Semester 2021 - Glen Rock