Intermediate (advanced Beginner) Class Description
Posted: 8/28/2015

Intermediate (advanced beginner) class description


  • Brief review of chess rules: capture; castle, 'en passant', pawn promotion; check; checkmate; stalemate (all from beginner class)


  • Basic tactics I (tactical devices to gain material for purpose of later strategic victory)
    1. Pin
    2. Double attack (i.e. fork)
    3. Discover threat/check/attack (also double check!)
    4. Skewer


  • Basic tactics II  (simple combinations)

a.       Piece values (relative to each other, position)

b.      Unique piece combinations (i.e. Bishop, rook, etc.)

c.       Deflections, Decoys, “In-Between moves,” Overloads

·    End-Of-Game (continue)

a.       Rule of the square of the pawn

b.      Zugzwang (possible in middlegame, probable in most endgames)

c.       Tempi (Triangulation as a means of losing tempi at end to force Zugzwang)


  • Chess Tournaments

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