Class Criteria And Registration Form
Posted: 6/14/2009 | Updated: 6/14/2009

School Chess Club Level Criteria and Registration Form


INTERNATIONAL CHESS ACADEMY is now enrolling students for the (school name) Chess Club. Two different classes are available: Beginner (open to all) & Intermediate (open to students who can pass qualification criteria listed here.


Club Goals:




  • Rules of the game:

a)       How the pieces move and capture

b)       How to castle

c)       En passant'

d)       Pawn promotion

e)       Check and checkmate

f)         Chess (algebraic) notation


  • Basic strategy:

a)       checkmate - is the goal of the game

b)       development of the pieces

c)       stalemate

d)       capturing the opponent pieces

e)       pieces value (absolute)


  • Check Mate Concept (‘how to')

a)       mate with queen & king

b)       mate with 2 rooks

c)       mate with 1 rook and king

d)       mate traps in the beginning of the game

e)       mate traps in the middle game


·         Basic End-Of-Game principles

a)       King becomes very strong at end-of the game

b)       Pawn & King against King

c)       Simple end-game positions for practice






Intermediate & Advance students

·         Brief review of the chess rules: capture; castle, 'en passant', pawn promotion; check; checkmate; stalemate


·         Opening study


  • Basic tactics I (tactical devices)

a)       Pin

b)       Double attack

c)       Discover threat/check

d)       Double check


  • Basic tactics II  (simple combinations)

a)       Piece value (relative)

b)       Bishop combinations

c)       Night combinations

d)       Rook combinations

e)       Pawn combinations

f)         Mate on the last rank


·         End-Of-Game

a)       Rule of Box

b)       Opposition

c)       Tempi


  • Chess Tournaments

a)       Score keeping

b)       Using a clock

c)       Tournament rules

d)       How to prepare for a tournament


Club Meetings:


Beginner:          Time/Date                    _____________ (Day & time that class will meet)

Total # of sessions        _____________ (Should be 8 or greater)


Intermediate:     Time/Date                    _____________ (Day & time that class will meet)

Total # of sessions        _____________ (Should be 8 or greater)



Session tuition (per student) is nn (nn=number of sessions) times $xxxx. The registration deadline is xx/xx/xx.

(The tuition per student is negotiate on a school by school basis depending on enrollment and the length of the program.)


Qualifying criteria for Intermediate / Advance students

1. Student is familiar with advanced chess rules: “En passant” and “pawn promotion”.

2. Student is able to checkmate opponent king using:

    a) Two rooks

    b) Queen & king

    c) Rook & king

3. Student knows main principles of chess play (control center, develop & castle).

4. Student understands relative value of the pieces.

5. Student is familiar with basics principles of end game (role of king; pawn promotion).

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