After School Chess Programs; Why And Why Not!?
Posted: 10/28/2014 | Updated: 8/28/2015

After School Chess Programs; Why and Why Not!?


Dear Potential Parents of Children Attending After-School Programs in your school that are organized by the ICA,

We apologize in advance for the long winded introduction but it was necessary to catch your attention and make you consider the wonderful opportunity our super terrific after-school chess program offers your kids. 

All of you want the very best for your children and for them to reach their full potential which is why that very personal mission starts right here.

Chess, an ancient game of intellectual significance, provides exactly the sort of brain training children need to succeed later in life.

The core reason for this has never been truly explained because nobody delved into this idea deeply and sort of passed on the logic as “chess helps you think,” without really explaining how.

The explanation is actually not as complicated as one may think and here is how it works:

The human brain is conditioned to automatically do one important task (as according to a neuroscientist friend of ours who understands the human brain better than any chess player) which is to “predict.” Anytime you imagine, dream, drive, work out, or conscious, or subconscious take actions of any kind all of them are based on the concept of prediction of consequences due to said actions.   That’s it. Simple.

Afterwards the correlation life has to chess becomes obvious. 

Chess asks kids to constantly look, assess, and predict in a three dimensional environment, against a live opponent of comparable strength who is trying to do the same. Throughout life, in any school, sport, career, or what have you, that is exactly what your children will have to learn how to do. At the end of the day they will compete no matter what so chess is the most objective vehicle that teaches them to do it.

This is therefore what makes chess, as the second world champion of chess Emanuel Lasker once quipped, “above all a fight!” A fight that will make your kids better conditioned to meet life challenges and predict the correct outcomes in other none-chess related circumstances. 

By signing your children up for chess you are doing their brain a favor that will last them the span of their entire life.

Thank you and we hope to see you at our program.

Sincerely, The ICA faculty

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