Irina Levitina Is Once Again World Champion!
Posted: 10/13/2018 | Updated: 10/15/2018

Irina Levitina is Once Again World Champion!  
ICA Co-founders team Wins Bridge World Championship in Orlando, FL!


We are thrilled that Irina Levitina a co-founder of our academy once again reigns as Bridge World champion as part of the women’s team.  Irina was at one time the second-best women’s player in the world by virtue of playing for the Women’s World Chess Championship in 1984.  Since the mid 90’s she has focused almost exclusively on bridge where she has had even greater success than over the chess board.

Irina teaches a junior master’s class four times a week at the ICA: Tuesdays, Thursdays at 7:30 in Glen Rock, and Wednesdays 7:30 and Sundays 12:30 in Teaneck.

 ICA Campers dominate First Ostfeld Memorial 
tournament of the school year!

Of the five scholastic sections in the first Ostfeld of the year four of the first-place winners came off of attending multiple weeks of chess camp.

Thomas Weichsel (Nikita Popov’s brother) who attended in Teaneck for a number of weeks won section one, Kevin Wei who attended even more weeks in Teaneck won section three,





and David Milstein who also attended camp in Teaneck won section four.

Aaron Shefter who attended in Glen Rock won section five.  All won with scores of four out of four points.

The second place winners were all also either camp attendees or ICA students and they were: Paul Morosov in section one (Glen Rock), Ava Shu in section two (Ava only lost to the section two winner Max Yevelev from Cliffside Park. Ava attends in Glen Rock) Robert Choi in section three (Teaneck), Miguel Canet in section four (Teaneck). CJ Freydlin in section five (Teaneck/Glen Rock).

In the u1600 section the first five places were won by ICA campers/students with Sebastien Meesin in first, and
Bowen Huang, Lev Koganov, Spencer Wood, and Alex Biyanov tied for second through fifth.